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    Once I allowed comments on a lesson the “Mark Complete” button and the Next and Previous Lesson buttons disappeared. When I disallow comments the buttons are still missing. I have not been able to get them back. The lessons that the comments were never allowed on still contain the buttons. Any ideas?

    Home Url: http://www.kairoscourses.com
    Site Url: http://www.kairoscourses.com
    Login Url: http://www.kairoscourses.com/wp-login.php
    Version: 5.0.2
    Debug Mode: No
    Debug Log: No
    Debug Display: Yes
    Locale: en_US
    Multisite: No
    Page For Posts: Not Set
    Page On Front: Home (#41) [http://www.kairoscourses.com/]
    Permalink Structure: /%year%/%monthnum%/%day%/%postname%/
    Show On Front: page
    Wp Cron: Yes
    Version: 3.26.0
    Db Version: 3.26.0
    Course Catalog: Kairos Courses (#428) [http://www.kairoscourses.com/kairos-courses__trashed/]
    Membership Catalog: Membership Catalog (#21) [http://www.kairoscourses.com/memberships/]
    Student Dashboard: Members Dashboard (#435) [http://www.kairoscourses.com/members-dashboard/]
    Checkout Page: Check Out (#463) [http://www.kairoscourses.com/check-out/]
    Course Catalog Per Page: 9
    Course Catalog Sorting: menu_order,ASC
    Membership Catalog Per Page: 9
    Membership Catalog Sorting: menu_order,ASC
    Site Membership: Not Set
    Courses Endpoint: my-courses
    Edit Endpoint: edit-account
    Lost Password Endpoint: lost-password
    Vouchers Endpoint: redeem-voucher
    Autogenerate Username: yes
    Password Strength Meter: no
    Minimum Password Strength: weak
    Terms Required: no
    Terms Page: Not Set
    Checkout Names: required
    Checkout Address: optional
    Checkout Phone: optional
    Checkout Email Confirmation: yes
    Open Registration: yes
    Registration Names: required
    Registration Address: optional
    Registration Phone: optional
    Registration Voucher: required
    Registration Email Confirmation: yes
    Account Names: required
    Account Address: optional
    Account Phone: optional
    Account Email Confirmation: yes
    Confirmation Endpoint: confirm-payment
    Force Ssl Checkout: no
    Country: US
    Currency: USD
    Currency Position: left
    Thousand Separator: ,
    Decimal Separator: .
    Decimals: 2
    Trim Zero Decimals: yes
    Recurring Payments: yes
    Email From Address: sgranberg@kairoschurchplanting.org
    Email From Name: Kairos Courses
    Email Footer Text: 
    Email Header Image: 
    Cert Bg Width: 800
    Cert Bg Height: 616
    Cert Legacy Compat: no
    Manual: Enabled
    Manual Logging: 
    Manual Order: 1
    Mysql Version: 5.6.41
    Php Curl: Yes
    Php Default Timezone: UTC
    Php Fsockopen: Yes
    Php Max Input Vars: 1000
    Php Max Upload Size: 64 MB
    Php Memory Limit: 256M
    Php Post Max Size: 64M
    Php Soap: Yes
    Php Suhosin: No
    Php Time Limt: 30
    Php Version: 7.0.31
    Software: Apache
    Wp Memory Limit: 40M
    HTTP USER AGENT: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/71.0.3578.98 Safari/537.36
    Name: Astra
    Version: 1.6.2
    Themeuri: https://wpastra.com/
    Authoruri: https://wpastra.com/about/
    Child Theme: No
    Llms Support: Yes
    ActiveCampaign: 7.0
    Astra Starter Sites: 1.2.10
    Classic Editor: 1.3
    Contact Form 7: 5.1.1
    Elementor: 2.3.8
    LifterLMS: 3.26.0
    UpdraftPlus - Backup/Restore: 1.16.0
    Yoast SEO: 9.3
    BbPress: No
    BuddyPress: No
    Template Overrides

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author Thomas Patrick Levy



    Sorry for the extended delay. I missed this topic and it got buried… My apologies.

    I think the issue you’re dealing with is an incompatibility between LifterLMS 3.26, WordPress 5.0, and Astra 1.6.2 when using ELementor.

    We’ve worked with Astra to get this fixed (https://github.com/brainstormforce/astra/pull/977) and the fix is slated to be included in 1.6.3 of Astra: https://github.com/brainstormforce/astra/pull/983

    If you can’t wait for this be released you could copy and paste the code from the pending change here: https://github.com/gocodebox/astra/blob/1a42b017e10d57bc138b93c9288560ec99623e2a/inc/compatibility/lifterlms/class-astra-lifterlms.php

    And replace the file on your site with that code.

    Let me know if that helps,

    These items also keep randomly disappearing from my website, but I’m not using any of those plugins mentioned in the post above or the member comments – so I am not sure what causes it.

    Actually, now that I think of it, it’s been happening for a long while on and off since the WP5 update.

    However, I am able to resolve the issue in a strange way. I first open the lesson in Block Editor mode. Then, I click Switch to Classic Editor from the menu on the right. Following that I click the Update button (without actually making any changes).

    After this, the missing buttons and lesson navigation returns.

    It’s very annoying, and so very very random because it affects older lessons that haven’t even been touched in awhile.

    I’m not really sure if it’s related to WP5, LifterLMS or the Classic editor plugin. And yes, the solution that works for me is not ideal if you have a lot of lessons already published and if your website is public (not a development one), but I figured sharing my experience may help someone.

    Plugin Author Thomas Patrick Levy



    Can you upgrade to 3.26.4 and see if that helps?

    I’ve been pulling my hair out trying to keep everything compatible with this matrix of page builder, editors, and themes since 5.0 was released. I think 3.26.4 puts it to bed.

    Sorry for the hiccups. All of this is very complicated to keep straight with all these different ways of managing content now…

    I have updated all of the elements of my site but none have fixed the issue. I was able to find an easy solution by looking at a lesson that did have the buttons. When I view it as “text” instead of “visual” I was able to copy the shortcodes that pull up the buttons. Pasting the code into the other lessons has brought the buttons back. Interesting bug. There is the code:

    <!-- wp:llms/lesson-progression /-->
    <!-- wp:llms/lesson-navigation /-->


    Sorry for the late reply.

    I cannot say for sure if the upgrades since my last post helped or not, because after writing my previous post I actually found a way to resolve the issue.

    This is the path I followed, but do keep in mind there may be a simpler solution that I missed:

    1. With the Classic editor plugin still activated on my WP site, I enabled the Switch editor option in the settings.

    2. I manually edited each lesson and clicked on the Switch to Classic Editor option from the right side list.

    3. Previewing the lesson confirmed that the missing buttons and lesson navigation returned.

    4. After applying the previous steps to all lessons, I then disabled and deleted the Classic Editor plugin.

    5. I also added the following filter to the functions.php file to disable Gutenberg once and for all:(I need time to get used to it and much prefer the simplicity of the Classic editor anyway).

    // Disable Gutenberg editor
    add_filter('use_block_editor_for_post', '__return_false');

    Note: These same steps also resolved another issue I was having where the Course Information appeared twice and many random lessons. There is already thread in the support forum for that issue, so I will put a reply there linking to this post instead of repeating the answer.

    So, that’s that. Hopefully I didn’t miss mentioning any important steps. Next time an issue comes up I will make an effort to post immediately after resolving it, God willing.

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