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  • I think one fills your database with comments marked as “spam.” 🙂

    What I see is the same result : comments deleted anyway …

    We have this feature now?
    I guess new comments now will be check against the comments marked as “spam” in database.

    I was wondering that as well…anyone?

    i believe alphaoide has it correct. comments will be checked against the database of those comments you have marked as spam. If you delete, then it doesn’t actually add to the database.

    Well, I don’t think it’s bloody working just yet, at least not if the 600 comments from “Phentermine”, telling me what a lovely site I have, are any indication 😉

    Right now, nothing is done with the ‘spam’ comments, they are simply marked that in the database, where if you delete a comment, it’s gone. It’s meant so that plugin developers can use that field for some of the spam fighting.

    In 1.2 I had SpamWords and two of Kittens spam plugins installed.

    So with 1.5 now I am just using the built in stuff, and looking in MySQL through PhpMyAdmin … it’s racking up many SPAM comments a day now.

    Great, but I’d rather it not let them post at all, as the SpamWords Plugin with 1.2 kept them out.

    Are there, as of yet, any Plugins for the 1.5 anti-spam features … ?

    Well, my new CG-AntiSpam works in addition to the built-in features, adds a bunch of extra tests, plus a custom blacklist, and provides an admin panel where it can scan&tag existing comments, show all spam-tagged comment, and flush/nuke permanently spam if you don’t want it.

    It’s in alpha testing right now (in another thread… might break it into its own discussion).


    Running a test version of 1.5 on Linux; when I mark spam as spam rather than delete, it’s stored in the database but is not displayed. I’ve looked with phpmyadmin and I can see it there. Will there be any functions (other than using phpmyadmin) to clean it out? I see that davidchait’s plug-in is one option. On gmail, you can mark stuff as spam so gmail ‘learns’ and sticks it in a spam folder with 30 day deletion, any plans to do something like that? You might use the IP, e-mail, and urls for blacklisting.

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    If they’re deleted then they can’t be used for later analysis and blocking. Even if there are several thousand, it’ll use at most a megabyte or two in your database. I wouldn’t worry about it.

    I found this: no-refer-spam.php hack and put that on my sites.

    I went into PHPMYADMIN and looked in my wp_comments for my one afflicted blog and since the day I installed 1.5, which was on Feb 22, I had 325+ comments marked as SPAM. All of them were mostly from only a few referrers, all of them were things that would have been not allowed to comment previously with “Spam Words” installed when I had WP 1.2.

    In comparing things there to my Stat-traq install on that blog, sometimes there is a page called up, then the comments-post.php then that page is called up again — all three things have different IP’s but are the same since in comments there is a comment at the same relative time … and that’s a 4th unique IP.

    This isn’t done for all the comments though, and I did grow weary comparing data and just plainly gave up looking into it.

    Precisely though it’s that since installing the hack mentioned at the top of this post, there have been three SPAM marked new comments in the database, all from:

    “highprofitclub” … the same referring address that I documented above as calling up a page and the comments-post.php then the page again.

    In that scenario, original page is pulled up with referrer from highprofitclub so it’s someone doing something for sure … it’s a texas-hold-em spammer … which has been the worst offender on my site.

    Other comment spam in the database since 1.5 has been installed is sexual in nature and disgusting and prolific, but they seem to be bot and not calling up pages as highprofitclub is doing.

    Funny thing is too that I have other WP installs and none of them get hit like this one is getting hit. It’s not that they are new, none of them are. Two others are on the same site as the main afflicted one, and two others are on a different site. None of them have gotten hit with SPAM stuff marked in database at all, and I use the same spam words and such in all installs.

    So, for now at least, my site isn’t getting so many SPAM comments since the hack no-refer-spam, but looking into so many anti-spam plugins and hacks today I’m rather overwhelmed, with that and staring at PHPMYADMIN too long … I just had to post my frustration and confusion and success and just plain old, somethings working but not exactly the best thing maybe, maybe so maybe not … an I don’t know thing 😉

    Funny, I just released another plugin that, among other things, provides easy access for viewing of any spam comments in your database. See if it meets your needs.

    ColdForged, I’m not sure I want that plugin for SPAM comments, but I sure will love it for general good comments! It’s exactly what is needed, to be able to page through the comments however I want to. 🙂

    –also, since I installed the no-refer-spam.php hack the other day, as I posted about above, I’ve had WAY LESS smut in my SPAM marked comments … but still too many for my desires. I’m wanting to keep them off the site and looking for a php way to do it. I probably need to replace where I’m putting the script include. I currently have it in index.php in WP root. Is that really called up if someone surfs into an actual page? Or tries to send a commentpost — in other words, what’s the best place to put that script include — for total coverage to get them off my site and not allow them to post at ALL.

    Cold Forged, just wanted to let you know your plugin for commentpaging is very useful. I don’t LIKE those spam comments, but it’s good to see them easily, or know your blog isn’t getting any at all, as is the case with three installs I have, one gets it, others don’t. 🙂

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