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  • Is there anyway to reduce the whitespace between the site description (below site title and image) and the widgets on the sidebard? I have been trying to edit the stylesheet but I couldn’t find any solution.

    PS: Thanks for sharing for free such a beatiful theme!

    (View the problem on my site)

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  • Sorry if this post is irrelevant in any way but recently I discovered an excellent tool to help me when I cant find an answer to questions like yours in these forums. The firefox plugin called firebug allows you to see the names of elements within the theme and then you can see where the relevant style or code to change the position of the elements is kept.
    Just to say, try using firefox and firebug if you dont get an answer. Sorry I’m not a skilled coder, just learning, but firebug has helped me enormously

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    Thanks Latka, your post is very relevant as users with general CSS queries are encouraged to use browser developer tools such as Firebug.
    Fmbalvarez, alternatively you can ask CSS queries on CSS forums.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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