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Mapping posts to another domain name

  • I have WordPress is installed at micro.uawsolidweb.org.

    I have dobetternissan.org pointing to micro.uawsolidweb.org through an A record and setting it as a server alias under micro.uawsolidweb.org in my hosting account.

    I added custom links for all my pages. So, for instance, dobetternissan.org/global-efforts is the same as micro.uawsolidweb.org/global-efforts

    I understand that moving my domain to to dobetternissan.org would fix this issue, making all permalinks under dobetternissan.org linking.

    I’ve never moved a WordPress site before, and I really think I would break something. I’m not good with backups, and I don’t know how I would restore a site, short of asking my host to restore a back up. Unless someone has an explicit, fool proof way of showing me how to safely move my site, (honestly, I would love this) please help me find another solution.

    Point is, I want to know if there’s a work around, so that my post permalinks will display links as dobetternissan.org, instead of micro.uawsolidweb.org

    I tried using “Page Links To” plug in, and it works with pages, but I get a 301 redirect loop when I try to make any micro.uawsolidweb.org post prefixed with dobetternissan.org. Same happens when I set the post to a relative link.

    Any ideas on how to accomplish this?

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  • WPyogi
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    Thanks for responding WPyogi. I know of that tutorial. I do have a question about it that has prevented me from attempting this.

    Do I need to create a new database, copy and import it to the new site and database or should everything work fine after moving wordpress? It is on the same server.

    Sorry, I’m having a hard time understanding how there isn’t more to it…

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