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  • Hi,

    I’m looking for a plugin or add-on – free or premium doens’t matter- that:
    1) would allow me to create an interactive Google map on my wordpress website (still a project in my mind), that would appear on the homepage
    2) would allow visitors to navigate inside the map in the homepage, 3) at the same time would allow members who have login into the membership area of the website to set markers in the map and add few info (such as description of a place)
    4) would allow me to be informed in the back-end that a new marker has been added
    5) would allow me to edit the content generated by the user if necessary (for example adding a link to a page in the website about that place)
    6) ideally, would list all the markers created by the member in his profile page
    There are tons of map plugins but I’ve some difficulties in understanding which can have the above features.
    So far, I’ve checked a few of them.

    The one that seem to be closer to what I have in mind is WordPress Google Maps ( the Visitor Generated Markers add-on allows users to create their marker. Unfortunately, I can’t understand whether it doesn’t look like you get alerts when new content is added to the map, I can’t understand what control I have on the UGC (for example, is it going to be automatically approved and visible or will the admin have to approve it? is it possible to delete or edit once it’s been published?)

    Mappress (, MapifyPro (, Leaflet Maps Marker Pro (, OpenStreetMap (, Comprehensive Google Map Plugin (, etc: it seems to me than none of them allow front-end users to generate content.

    Have I forgot some plugins that offer all the above features?
    Am I looking for something that does not exist yet?
    Is it possible to customize one of the above plugins to get all the features I need?
    Can you please help and suggest solutions?


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  • Hi marcomancosu,
    did you find a solution for your problems (the alerts and the control over the visitor generated markers)? Would be great to let me know!


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