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    Been on this for about a week and now I have no hair left to pull out, thought I'd ask the question. Read a mountain of forums and getting info overload. Can anyone please help?

    Have 3.0.1 Network (tested OK) and Domain Mapping 0.5.2.

    Main install on hosting at eUKHost where the main domain (let's call it domain1.com) is also registered. Again, all OK.

    I have added a new site (as directory option rather than subdomain). It was showing up OK when I used the path site1.com/site2

    I have a domain (let's call it domain2.com) registered on (and was hosted by) Godaddy. I now want it to go to site1.com/site2 e.g. people enter domain2.com in their browser address bar and site1.com/site2 shows up (but the address reads domain2.com).

    Stick with me here guys, I'm new to this...

    What I actually get is some type of custom 404 page.

    I have used an IP trace and can confirm that domain2.com is 'looking for' the correct place i.e. domain1.com, but it seems that it stops there and can't go any further, thus returning the 404 page.

    Might this be something to do with the virtual host file? If so, what would I ask my hosting provider to do?


  2. Did you install and set up the domain mapping plugin correctly?

    Did you go to site1.com/site2 in the admin area under Tools -> Domain Mapping and actually map the domain to the blog?

    Seems like you have the server setup & dns parts done right, which leaves the actual plugin part.

    Also - the custom 404 page: does it look like your main site or the second site?

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