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    Hello, I have a problem with gtin,color, size mapping. I have installed plugin WooCommerce UPC, EAN, and ISBN by Scot Bollinger. I have added gtin to all variants of my products. Now when I installed your feed plugin and mapped g:gtin with Hwp var gtin (added custom attribute) it doesnt sent gtin to merchant center. The same happens with color and size attributes which I have mapped with Pa Kolor (custom attribute) and Pa pamiec (custom attribute). I am using Yoast SEO, just in case it might be doing this errors, as I have read threads where it was issue.

    Can you please help me with this ?


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    Hi Dominik,

    Thanks for using our plugin and reaching out to us.

    Unfortunately I do not know how your “WooCommerce UPC, EAN and ISBN by Scott Bollinger” plugin works. Nor how it saves its data to the WordPress database.

    You mention that the GTIN is not “send to the merchant center”. Did you check the XML file generated by our plugin to see if the GTIN’s are filled or empty? (same goes for the kolor and pamiec attribute).


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    Thanks for your reply.

    Somehow it started to work after like half hour and i see gtin in google merchant for every product, but I cant see gtin field in generated XML file.

    I cant find color and size in generated file, but this one isn’t imported to google merchant.

    To be more weird, brand which is also set to attributes as pa_producent is visible in google merchant, but I cant find it in file.

    the pa_* are basic woocommerce attributes not any extra fields plugin.

    There is also one more problem:
    I set condition to: pa_klasa (custom attribute)
    and set rule: if klasa doesnt contain Nowy then Condition is Used
    and second one: if klasa contain Nowy then Condition is New

    All products are marked as New in Google Merchant and like 80% should be Used if rules work correctly.

    EDIT: I didnt changed anything with gtin and they disappeared after 00:00 when auto sync was made by google merchant.

    EDIT2: Resolved:

    So after checking all options couple of times I found the solution, maybe I missed something in FAQ, but I just leave it in case somebody has similar problem:

    1. It has to be set as (dynamic attribute) in field mapping for brand, size, color, condition if you use woocommerce basic attributes not as (custom added attribute).

    2. If somebody use the same ean, ups, isbn plugin when you set include variables in feed pro plugin, you have to map with field hwp product gtin instead of hwp var gtin

    3. For rules you have to double check the name and (..) what you set it has to be the same attribute. I put (dynamic attribute) in rules and (custom attribute) in field mapping table that is why it didnt worked.

    4. Remember to manual refresh product feed, then go to google merchant and download file manually there.

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    Hi alpha24,

    Thanks for the post, good to hear you figured it out yourselves!


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