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  • Hi,

    I’d like to think that this is a Call to Arms, but I realise it could also be seen as an unreasonable whinge, and possibly in the wrong forum. But I’d like to stick the thought in people’s heads and see if anyone’s interested.

    I’ve been looking in the Plugins Repository for a good mapping & geocoding plugin – there are several, they all excel at different things and most lack comprehensive documentation. So why not get together and create a framework for maps?

    Think about it; you create a well-documented, lightweight, base plugin which allows you to do the ‘simple’ things, like insert a single-marker map (Google, OSM, whatever), mashup markers from different posts, create a library, work with CPTs and similar using modern coding standards. You make that framework extensible so that other developers can add plugins that allow you to display markers Facebook-stylee, import KML files, multiple maps with multiple markers, customisable info balloons, height & elevation and suchlike.

    And document it!

    I wouldn’t know where to start from a coding perspective, but I’m willing to work on the spec – and that all-important documentation. We have theme frameworks, and things like NextGen for galleries – why not a mapping / geocoding one?

    What does the panel think? Anyone up for it?

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  • Chris Olbekson


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    I don’t really use mapping very often but it sounds like a good idea. The leaflet javascript mapping library is getting a lot traction and has pretty extensible API.

    I would start by setting up the project on github so other developers could contribute to it. You would just need to gain traction and drum up interest. The WP Hackers mailing list would be a good place to gauge initial interest.

    Thanks for the feedback, Chris.

    There’s a WordPress plugin which taps in to that – Leaflet Maps Marker. I looked at the settings page and started to whimper.

    Another issue – and another reason for a geotagging framework – is the that of changing plugins. At the moment I have a lot (50-ish) tagged for use with Geo Mashup. Suppose I whant to change to WP Geo or Comprehensive Google Maps Plugin… none of these plugins has an import function (that I can see), so I have to rebuild all my maps from scratch; when what I *really* want to do is tag the post with whatever coordinates I feel like, and let the plugin/s handle the display.

    I feel a spec coming on… :->

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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