• I installed this plugin to run and output custom queries with the Gutenberg block. That aspect of the plugin is beyond fantastic.

    However, the mapping feature doesn’t make sense (to me) to include.. it seems like it ought to be its own separate plugin.

    On top of that, there was no way to disable the mapping functionality and it automatically broke all of my archives. Despite having all options for mapping set to ‘default’ my archives would either throw a 404 or return a page outputting ALL post, page and CPT content.

    I have no reason to create custom archives and the original reason I installed the plugin doesn’t offer enough value to justify the added work of creating and mapping archive pages.

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  • Plugin Author Ronald Huereca


    Hi @ericakfranz thanks for the rating.

    The best I can do is have a settings panel to disable the functionality. I hope to release next week after more thorough testing.

    The history of the plugin is complex, but it started out with just archive mapping, hence the slug of post-type-archive-mapping.

    The blocks are secondary, but the most popular part of the plugin. Several users have left reviews on the blocks, and also the archive mapping functionality.

    The first block was the Custom Post Types block, which was designed to compliment archive mapping as there had to be a way to place post type data on the archive page.

    Anyways, thanks again for the review.

    Ronald Huereca

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