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  • I’m finally upgrading all my single WordPress blogs to a Multisite setup under the same IP address on a Media Temple (gs) shared account. I’ve read WordPress MU Domain Mapping multiple times but I still don’t get how to map to if all my domains records are pointing to the same IP address.

    This is my current domain configuration:

    • * – A record:
    • – A record:
    • – A record:
    • – A record:
    • – A record:
    • – MX record: 10

    In my Super Admin > Domain mapping I wrote on the Server IP Address field.

    In Super Admin > Domains, I mapped my ID=3 blog ( to, but it just redirects to the empty, blank domain.

    I know this is probably a very silly question, but unfortunately I don’t seem to understand the very logic behind this mapping phenomenon. Also, this is the third time I’m asking for help tonight, so I’m sorry for any inconvenience. Any suggestions on this?

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  • on a Media Temple (gs) shared account

    that’s your problem.

    I *think* on the gs you have to set up a symlink between your domain you want to map, and your wordpress install.

    Domains get pointed to the main site, not the subsite. the domain mapping plugin tells it what blog.

    Thanks, Andrea. I have sent this topic in a support request to Media Temple, hoping it may help others like me. I’ll also reply the solution, of course.

    Just for documentation purposes, I’m using the subdirectory structure, not the subdomain structure.

    If you search here in the forums, we’ve gone over this before.

    Also, the format of your sub blogs doesn’t matter. Same process.

    As it seems, MediaTemple support guys couldn’t help me out on this. I’ve already replaced my alternate domain folders with symlinks like this:

    ls -s

    Is it possible that I misconfigured the WordPress MU Domain Mapping plugin? Or the issue might have to do with the domain structure itself or a not properly created symlink? My blogs are down for 3 days, I really need some help on this 🙁

    Here’s the MediaTemple Community Wiki article they gave me: Create symlink for domain alias. Right now my domain (which by the way is is giving me a error 403; also, my (which by the way is is printing me a “Not Found” page from my main WPMU blog.

    Also, from the admin panel, when I hit “Visit” on the Super Admin > Sites table (screenshot), this is what happens: it redirects me to http://it/visualizing/http://visualizing. Any suggestions? I’m going crazy here.

    Yeah, looks like you messed up all kinds of stuff.

    I’ve already replaced my alternate domain folders with symlinks like this:

    ls -s

    Do not make symlinks to the *subfolders*. they do not exist. make the symlink from the mapped domain to the MAIN wordpress install.

    I’ve already replaced my alternate domain folders with symlinks like this:

    ls -s

    like that. (or if I got it backwards, the other way. 😉 )

    Now I can’t even see Do you have any idea why this URL gives me a “Not Found” page on my main WPMU blog? I don’t know what to do anymore..

    Here’s my Super Admin > Sites > page. Is there anything else I can show / printscreen to help diagnose this issue? Should I just reinstall the WPMU Domain Mapping plugin? I’m not sure what happened, since I gave my Super Admin login credentials to (mt).

    Also, hitting Dashboard from Dashboard > My Sites > Visualizing it should take me to my admin panel, right? Well instead it’s taking me to my WPMU main blog (, while showing my URL ->

    Seriously, I have no idea of what’s happening! It looks like my main blog ( and my sub-blog ( are merged, or something like that. Does this make any sense? Well, just in case I removed the symlink until I get that blog online again.

    Ok, I quit. I’m going to do a full reinstall.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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