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  1. cityCat007
    Posted 5 years ago #

    could this cause any problem??

    reason I'm asking this:

    OK, so far everything is ok as I basically have it working, BUT my problem is that when I type domain1.com it goes to mysite.com/sub-directory-site1 (showing that full url)...


    IF at Domains I check Primary for each domain, it work as expected (not redirecting to mysite.com/sub-directory-site1 when I open domain1.com but actually loading the page at domain1.com)
    BUT as I understand this Primary option is for ONLY one primary domain (in this case, supposedly mysite.com) this solution dosnt really satisfy me much.

    sorry for the kind-of-duplicated post, but as I didnt got any replys on the former one, thought could narrow down a little my question.

    thank you for an answer, Gonzalo.

  2. Duplicate post (and within a day of the other? PLEASE be more patient)

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