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    I’m trying to map an addon domain to a subdomain site in WPMU but can’t get it to work.

    The mapped domain, let’s say is mapped to

    When I type in I get the “Index of /” page: as an addon domain is going to it’s subfolder as a normal add on would. has an A record for the ip as well as the dns at the primary domain.

    When I type in, it redirects to (the “Index of /” page) so maybe the mapping is working it’s just not pointing in the right direction?

    I’ve been researching this for hours and haven’t come up with a solution. I do have a dedicated IP. Everything theoretically should work. I’m using the domain mapping plugin by automattic from the WP repo.

    Any ideas or leads on this much appreciated.

    PS. To complicate things further, I’m trying to use add on domains so I can have add-ons have ssl. I don’t think this has to do with the current mapping issue but I’ll mention it just in case.

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    Update, I’ve been experimenting with changing the document root of the add on domain. It is not helping.

    Document root set to public_html/ goes to the Index of page
    Document root set to public_html goes to the main site “”

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