Mapped my DOMAINS WITH CAPITAL LETTERS instead on Small letters they are packed (4 posts)

  1. favoured
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I mapped my domains with capital letters Now casing redirected loop.

    Eg. head2.com Was mapped as HEAD2.COM.

    It was parked as head2.com, addedd in the add domain as head2.skincodes.com, Then mistakenly mapped them as HEAD2.COM

    Now it is causing a redirected loop as said by hosgator.

    I am unable to go to the dashboard to correct them.

    Please I mapped loads of them over a hundred with this CAPITAL LETTER mistake. . How do I get back to my dashboard to change the error to the correct letters.

    What should I do. Hostgator cannot help me.

    Should I delete all of them or is there a way out easily. Thanks

  2. Assuming you CORRECTLY use a domain mapping plugin to map the domain within WP, just change that. And if you did them all that way, well done, you have to undo them all.

    Take it as a learning experience :)

  3. favoured
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I dont undertand What am supposed to do here.

    Should I delete the sites and add them again.

    Please I need help.

    Thanks alot.

  4. No, you shouldn't have to delete sites. How did you MAP the domains?

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