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    We’re using Mapbox for our maps in TSML and I’ve recently been receiving messages from them about deprecating support for “Classic Styles” and requesting some actions. None of the links in their email works and I am not aware of using any custom styles or other features – I just plugged in a Mapbox license key and it worked with no other modifications. I’m assuming (!) I’m not the only one using Mapbox and getting these emails from them. Do I actually need to do anything? Thanks!

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    I am using Mapbox for my dev site and have not seen any emails.

    If you wish you paste a copy of the emails you’re getting I’ll take a few moments to research.

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    Kind of a lot, but here’s the email from Mapbox; links in the body returned errors:

    Hey pai-webservant,

    Mapbox is deprecating support for Mapbox Studio Classic styles on June 1st, 2020 and you’ve made requests using those styles in the last 30 days. Below is a quick guide so you’re prepared for these changes.

    As a reminder, you have not been able to modify these styles since March 31, 2020 and these styles stopped receiving map data updates in Q1 2018.
    The first 1,000 developers who migrate from Classic Styles to modern styles in the next 2 weeks and respond to this email will receive free Mapbox stickers!

    1. What’s happening?

    On June 1, requests to Studio Classic styles or projects from new apps and websites will return 4xx responses. Requests from existing websites and apps will continue working for a period of time as we work with you to move off the service, however we will lower our operational support for our legacy API endpoints that serve Classic styles. This means no feature requests or bug fixes except to address critical security vulnerabilities. This also means a lower SLA for these endpoints relative to our modern endpoints.

    If you’ve already stopped using Studio classic styles in your web or mobile app, then please disregard the rest of this email.

    2. What are the benefits of upgrading my Classic styles?

    Some of the immediate benefits of upgrading include: daily map data updates validated by Mapbox (Classic styles stopped receiving map data updates in Q1 2018), the ability to customize and style your maps with Style Components in Studio, and significantly improved load times and global reliability. After June 1, Mapbox will not be prioritizing operational improvements to the endpoints that serve Classic styles.

    3. Where can I see the Classic styles associated with my account?

    If you’re using a custom Classic style created via Studio Classic or a classic project created in Mapbox Editor, you can see your Classic styles listed here:

    If you’re receiving this email, but you don’t see any styles listed at the above link, follow this migration guide to locate the styles used in your application.

    4. How do I upgrade from Classic styles to modern Studio styles?

    If you have an interactive slippy map, read our guide on migrating to the modern Static Tiles API. If you’re using a Classic style as a fallback for browsers that don’t support WebGL, use this tutorial to upgrade.

    Note: the Static Tiles API can return 512×512 map tiles, which cover 4x the area of the 256×256 tiles associated with Classic styles. Be sure you include the tileSize: 512 and zoomOffset: -1 options so you don’t incur 4x as many tile requests as necessary and so that your labels, icons, and other map features don’t appear smaller than expected.

    If you’re using the Legacy Static Images API to embed static map images in your website or application, read our guide on migrating to the modern Static Images API.

    If you need additional resources to help upgrade to modern Studio styles you can use our Developer Network and select the “Legacy Applications” skill in your search.

    If you have any questions about the above, please reach out to our support team or your Technical Account Manager.

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    Hey @theronb, Have you experienced any issues after 1 June?

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    No, thanks for asking. Still showing Mapbox maps, much to my relief as I hadn’t made any changes. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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    Got another note from Mapbox about the old styles being deprecated and how I’d better update or risk losing maps (or have to switch to Google). I contacted Mapbox tech support who replied right away, asked for some basic info, then delved into our site. What they found was that the TSML plugin is not the source of the problem – it works just fine with Mapbox. We had another map plugin, “Ultimate Maps” so we could embed a location map of the Intergroup office and it used Mapbox. That map wasn’t essential so I just deleted it from the page and deleted the Ultimate Maps plugin. Mapbox support checked and said everything is now fine, so more errors. I gotta say I was really impressed with their promptness and diligence.

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