• I’m building a genealogy website and I want to include a world map with a index attached to it. I want to be able to list all markers in the index so if a person wants to see where the Chuck Poduskage’s farm was they could click on the name in the index and it will take you to where the marker is located. I would like to be able to create markers using Coordinates.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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  • As you need to create markers on the world map using Coordinates you would have to use online map services such Google Map or Bing Map which supports mapping using longitude and latitude values.

    I have used iMap Online Map Builder before which is a map editor based on Google map, you can add markers using default icons or your own icons, and also enter names and descriptions for each marker. However I haven’t used their search feature before. You might give it a try to find out more.

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