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    I know this is a common error. Here’s what I’ve done to troubleshoot:

    • Everything is up to date.
    • Disabled all other plugins.
    • Switched to default 2016 theme.
    • Followed instructions here and triple-checked. Set API key to None for Restrictions. API key works fine with the theme (Divi) to display maps. Tried creating a new key.

    None of that worked. Here’s a staging site where you can see the issue with no other plugins active and the 2016 theme enabled. Please advise. Thanks!

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    did you already enabled Google maps javascript api, web service and geocoding api? also, what did you put in the http referrers?



    Yes and none. See original post.



    I too am seeing this issue all of a sudden on a site that was set up and working with the API etc.

    I did some checking and I found the following error:
    Google Maps API warning: RetiredVersion

    (from the link)
    You may have supplied a retired version in your script element. The versions 3.0 – 3.24 have been retired, and you might be receiving 3.25 instead. Please update your application to use one of the available versions.

    What version of the script is this plugin using? Could that be the issue? I too have gone through all the troubleshooting/setup again with the same response.

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    Are the maps working OK in admin?



    “Location not found” in admin.



    I am also having the same problem, I am following the steps to set up the Google API key and enabling the 2 other APIs. I tried with / without HTTP referrers, disabling other plugins, changing to 2017 theme etc. Still no joy, I just get location not found when adding in the address.

    Any additional advise would be welcome otherwise we are going to have to add a custom field for map embed instead!

    Same issue here.
    Maps not working on front-end. But do work in admin.

    The same API key is also working on another domain without issue.

    Also, maps on front end works fine in dev site, but the dev domain was grandfathered in maps api, so I don’t need api key on dev site.



    Ditto same problem. No maps front end or back end. Getting RetiredVersion warning.

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    The RetiredVersion message shouldn’t cause a problem.

    Can you post a link to your site(s)?

    Any update on this? My link was included in the OP.

    Here is a link to an event with the issue:

    And in my case, the maps are not working in the admin area either.
    They were before no problem,,, but now not.

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    Just checking in on this thread – any insight yet?

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    If neither admin or the front-end pages won’t load maps, it’s likely to an API key problem. If you load a front-end page and click F12 you’ll probably see an error message listed under console errors that relates for Google Maps API.

    That should tell you exactly what the problem is.

    Using my link in the OP, there are no errors in the console and yet the map doesn’t appear.

    Just trying to find a solution before we have to abandon this plugin and find another. We are using googlemaps on these two pages – Map loads fine (there is a JS error, but it is on all the pages)

    When I click on an event, maps don’t load and I get errors that appear to be related to the events plugin

    Screenshot of errors:

    The map appears briefly when the page first loads, then goes away with these errors.

    I am at a loss. Really not trying to be difficult, but everything that I can find seems to point to something in the events manager. I have updated all plugins, and the core to 4.7.2 thinking it was something in the core.

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