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  1. pleasureinstitute
    Posted 3 years ago #

    So here's a symbolic description of what I want to do. Example:

    I travel a lot, and visit lots of restaurants all over the world.
    I want to review those restaurants. One review per page (gonna use pages, not posts). When writing that page I want to write down a location. Not street level or anything, just city, like Amsterdam, Berlin etc.

    On the first page of wordpress, I want there to be a widget showing a map of the world, or a rotating globe. The cities where I have reviewed restaurants should be represented by pins on the map. If a person clicks a pin for the city, there should either be: 1. a zoom function that zooms in on the city, with pins representing the individual restaurants. When those pins are clicked one goes directly to the post, OR 2. A click on a city pin leads to a category page for all the reviews for that city.

    Been looking around for map plugins, but thought I'd be better helped by you guys. Any direct suggestions or pointers are welcome. Thank you.

  2. pleasureinstitute
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Gentle bump ok?

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