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  • hello i.

    not entirely… i have the same probs but with my live site i ahve 35 posts max.

    with my test site i also get around 20.

    trying to increase the executable times and extra space in the php.ini might work a bit but it wont solve this. do you still have this problem?


    For some reason, it has start it to work again with 30 post… i will wait and see until I get to more than 35 post…


    I am having this problem at:

    It’s only showing the first 11 (eleven) posts, which leave three hidden on the homepage.

    I MAY have fixed this:
    The shortcodes I was using (from the generator) had duplicates of some variables:
    addmarkermashup=”true” addmarkermashupbubble=”true” addmarkermashupbubble=”true”

    Deleting the duplicates APPEARS to have solved it. For now anyway.

    hope this helps,

    hey jimmerd.

    i tried your fix bij deleting te duplicate addmarkermashupbubble=true
    this didnt change the amount of items loaded.

    i found that using the same plugin and date on a turnkey linux machine give more and less items then my live site.

    making me think it has something to do with both the duplicate and php.ini settings like max execution time and memory load. im gonna try some stuff on the turnkey machine with more memory and time settings to see if it works.

    ill let you all know how it turns out.



    i have 94 items and only 51 get loaded but its a start from 20 30 items in the past

    it might be a combination of alle factors.

    settings from the php.
    the google api maximum allowance
    and the duplicate addmarkermashupbubble=”true”

    I was wondering if anyone has found a permanent solution for this? My geo mashup map stopped working and I cannot figure out anything to make it appear anymore. It is just a big blank gray box. I tried deleting the duplicate addmarkermashupbubble=”true” but that didn’t change anything. Thanks!

    hey elliotgarber.

    still having problems. i found that deleting the duplicate mashupbubble is a bad idea. it breaks allot of the plugin.

    My mashup is also not working. Some markers show, and others don’t, and it seems to vary. Only about half show at any given time. This is a serious problem as the mashup map is the center focus of the website. It is for people to find an event in their local area. So they go to the map to see if there’s a marker in their local area.

    Plugin Contributor alexanderzagniotov



    Check your Settings => Reading Settings => Blog pages show at most.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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