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    Today i updated the wp google maps,… and just stop showing,… and there is no error with the javascript or anything at all it just stop showing after the update,…

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  • Likewise. Installed in Primary Widget area, map disappeared

    Same problem here: I updated to 6.3.19, and then it was gone…

    WP is completely up to date: 4.6.1.
    And the used theme is Twenty Fourteen, without any “crazy” tweaking.

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    OK, I could have a clue at what is going wrong.
    When I disable the plugin, this is what appears in the page:
    [wpgmza id= »1″]

    Yet, it should be:
    [wpgmza id=”1″]

    But when I check the code in the page where the map is inserted, I can see and not ».

    Is WP misinterpreting the code, since the update?

    Hi there,

    I discovered yesterday that the problem seems to be when you are trying to use the shortcode in a widget area or advanced custom field etc. It works fine if you place the shortcode in a regular page.

    I then discovered that if you leave the shortcode in the widget area or advanced custom field etc and then place the shortcode in the regular page, the map displays where it would via the widget area or advanced custom field etc and the only catch is that you’re left with a big gap where the map would be in the page.

    I therefore added the following to my stylesheet…
    section.entry #wpgmza_map {display:none !important;}

    Hopefully other people will find this useful as a quick fix until the developer can get to the bottom of what’s causing this problem and release an update.

    In my case, the map shortcode is only present in a regular page.

    For the sake of the argument, I created a new page, with only the shortcode in it, and the map would not display either…

    OK, sorry my solution isn’t helping you.

    I’ve had the problem before and it was due to me removing the wp_footer(); function from my footer file, as detailed here…
    I guess this isn’t your problem either though, as an update wouldn’t have caused that.

    Although it’s a pain, if you haven’t already done so, it’s worth disabling all other plugins and resorting back to a default theme, such as TwentySixteen etc, to see if the problem still occurs. If the map then starts to dispaly, you’ll know that it’s a conflicting theme or plugin issue.

    Hi everyone

    @buchurch @frg62, @luisameglio – Thank you for the heads up on this.

    @kwebdesign – Thank you for your feedback and assistance 🙂

    Our most recent update changes the way we load the Google Maps API – there is a chance there’s a minor bug in the plugin causing issues with the maps in the widgets though. We’re going to test further on our side – I’ll revert back ASAP.

    Any update on this? I’ve got some sites where the map has stopped working and I’m wondering if I should just revert to an older version of the plugin.

    I have the same problem with a theme where I use the plugin with echo do_shortcode( '[wpgmza id="1"]' );

    I guess the problem is that the JS are not added to the footer in that case.

    If I add the shortcode in the page content, map is working fine.

    @tombob2006 thanks but it’s still not working out for me even with that fix :\

    Hi there

    Widgets and running the shortcode through do_shortcode are currently not loading the scripts required to render our maps.

    We’re going to be releasing an updating in less than 24 hours (We’re still testing to ensure this is a final fix) that will resolve all of the above issues.

    Perfect because I’m having the same problem on widget shortcode only.

    @jarryd-long : thanks for the feedback.

    Hi there

    Please update the plugin to version 6.3.20 – this will fix the above mentioned issues. So sorry about that!

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