• Hi there,
    I installed a new theme, everything seemed fine. I had to go to the Settings and change the size of the map, than saved it and than the map went grey ever since.
    See here: http://redtentdirectory.com/
    I tried everything: changing the size back, switching on the previous theme,
    deactivating plugins…..delete caching….nothing makes it appear again.

    Could you please take a look at it, what can be the problem?


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    Hi all,
    I managed to resolve it.
    So the problem was, that in the settings at the Map Center Address it was set to London, and it is worked sofar, but it went crazy after the saving.
    So I replaced London (it was typed as it is in the settings) with the geocode and now it is working!
    I get the geocode form here, if anyone interested:

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