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    I’ve done this before and never had any problems. I created a new project for this website, enabled all the APIs, created credentials, restricted it per your documentation, and I still get “Map Unavailable” and the console says “NoAPIKeys” and “InvalidKeys”

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Hello,

    If you’re sure that you have added the Correct MAP Api and made sure that you have added a Billing Address (Google now requires this since their last update), You could try and check this thread for additiona API’s that you might need to enable:

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    I’ve already enabled all the APIs that this plugin’s documentation says to enable.

    I’ll look into the billing address. I’m assuming you mean in my API console correct?

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    This plugin has all sorts of issues.

    I just disabled the map in settings, and I still see “Map unavailable” on the front end… Come on.

    If you didn’t remove the #_LOCATIONMAP placeholder from your mark-up, then EM will still try to look for that map…

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    ah, shoot. Thanks for that.

    That markup was auto-generated by the plugin right? Wonder if they could auto-remove that part when you disable the map?

    I have the exact same problem. I use the Google Maps Api on many sites and never had a problem.

    But with this Plugin it says NoAPiKey AND your request quota for this Api is exceeded. But I checked multiple times and everything should work.

    The weird things is.. in the Backend the Map works. I double checked, when I delete the API key from the settings it doesn’t work in back- nor frontend but if I copy the API Key into the field, the backend map works. Any Idea why? I already checked, no other plugins are using a google maps and the only appearance in the source code in the front end is in an array called ‘EM with “google_maps_api”: “API_KEY”

    Any idea what is going on?

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    clgrmn, did you already follow this tutorial ?

    also, you can also start your own thread instead to avoid confusion.



    I had a horrid time getting it working so am just re-posting my solution to some of the threads I found, in case this helps. In Events Manager I simply choose EMBEDDED maps because it’s all charities and they can’t afford to pay for maps.

    Google Cloud Console -> API -> new project -> name the project etc…
    APIs to enable:
    Maps Javascript
    Maps Embed
    (at least that’s all I needed)

    App restrictions (HTTP)
    (plus any you may specifically need – e.g. with www)

    Create a billing account. My set-up didn’t work until I opted for a NEW billing acc, as a business – and included address etc.
    Just making it is only step one. Select your project from the top drop-down, then BILLING from the left. You should get a pop-up asking to connect to an account.
    If you don’t link it, your maps may not work.

    Now create a new location in EM, make it one you know works in google maps (I used my home). For me it worked, however, I still had to go to the old ‘broken’ locations and retype the first line before it would refresh and the location magically gain a map.)

    Hope this helps anyone equally frustrated!

    TG for digitalsmithy – I think it is the App restrictions (HTTP) causing the issue – changed to this list given above and bing the embedded map started working. Thanks so much for taking the time to post your fix!

    I am unable. I have tried for over two hours now and still get Map unavailable. I have done everything over and over so many times I do not know where I am even at.

    I will have to give up the hope for this. It simply is beyond me. Happy for those who got it to work.


    Since I can not figure out how to start a new topic thread or post (heck I do not even know what you call it)

    What does this statement mean?

    Use this key in your application by passing it with the key=API_KEY parameter.

    What does “By Passing it” mean?

    @thompsonaire : When you create a project or ‘map account’ in Google console it gives you an API key to uniquely identify ‘who’ is asking for the maps.
    Enter this in Events Manager settings.
    The only reason you’d need to ‘pass it’ manually is if you were writing your own plugin/app.

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