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  • Hi everyone. This problem is hard to explain in words, but it’s causing real problems, so I’ll do my best to describe.

    I have a WordPress installation on my 1&1 hosting. The formal address of my blog is “” is the domain that is attached to my hosting.

    However, I use “” as my website address., also with 1&1, is set to use “” as its home directory. That’s the advertised address of my site.

    Under “general settings,” I have:
    WordPress address (URL):
    Site address (URL):

    Everything appears to work properly, except WordPress won’t remember anyone’s info if they visit and comment using It doesn’t recognize me as a logged in admin either. But if you visit/comment through, the site does remember visitor info and recognize logged in people.

    Additionally, when I visit using, WordPress Stats counts my visits, even if I’m logged in. It does not if I visit from the formal mogstop address.

    Does anyone know what I can do? Does this have something to do with the way browser cookies are being saved? something getting confused b/c mohan37 isn’t technically where the site is hosted? Surely this can’t be a unique problem – wordpress being installed on hosting w/ one domain, but pointed at using another domain name.

    I’m desparate…if this didn’t make sense, I can answer questions and maybe make it more clear.



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  • Here is a specific example:

    If I navigate to a post using this address: ,
    I am recognized as being logged in. I can edit posts, don’t have to enter my info to comment, etc. Apparently visitors who have commented see similar things. I think users can even edit their posts (a plugin I have isntalled)

    If I visit a post using this, the prefered and advertised address: ,
    I’m always a new user. Doesn’t matter if I’m logged in, or put my info in fresh. Same with other visitors. The Edit Post plugin doesn’t work at all.



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