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  • I want to send out a big thanks to Ryan Duff, plug-in developer for WP-ContactForm. In addition to making a great plug-in, he also responds to his e-mails [moderated].

    So if you’re looking for a way to easily integrate a “contact” page on your blog, check out Ryan’s plug-in!

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  • [Moderated] Plugin developers are busy people and not everyone has the time to respond to the many emails they receive everyday. I am glad that you found Ryan to be helpful, but please be respectful.


    Definition of “diatribe” according to Google: “a thunderous verbal attack”. I hardly think I deserve to be accused of making this a diatribe. 🙂

    I’m sorry you misinterpreted my praise of Ryan. I believe in complimenting people because it:

    a) encourages continued positive behavior from the person the compliment is directed toward (we all like to be appreciated) and,

    b) it let’s others know this is someone you may also benefit from. What’s wrong with that?

    You may have noticed elsewhere in this forum that I recently posted an open letter to plug-in developers. I believe I was respectful then, and I think I’m doing it now.

    Communication is important in everything we do. I agree, we all get busy from time to time, but to not answer e-mails asking for help (or even posts in forums) is, well, a little rude, IMHO. Ignoring the person standing next to us in the offline world would be considered rude, wouldn’t it?

    I hope I’ve clarified my position appropriately for you so that you might change your opinion of me and might consider me a friend here as well. 🙂

    No one anywhere, at any time, outside of obligations voluntarily assumed, is required to respond to email, forum posts, weblog comments, or to answer the phone or the doorbell, or speak to strangers on the street.

    hhmmmm Chris-to-pher…. gggrrrr

    Do you honestly believe that the dev team has enough time to read every email they get let alone reply to any? :/ Why would you contact them for support when there is a great support forum here [Moderated]

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    “but to not answer e-mails asking for help (or even posts in forums) is, well, a little rude, IMHO”

    Do you have even the slightest clue how many emails some of us get asking us for help ? Emails that are not about issues posted to the forums ? Emails from people we have never heard of before ? Emails that promise paypal / wishlists but which never materialise even when you do the work ? Emails that are followed up time and time again despite either being ignored or pointed to the forums ? Emails from people who seem to want help privately so they can boast on their blog about how they set it all up themself ? Emails that say “Hey, my forum post is being ignored – why won’t you answer it ?”
    I do – I’ve had all the above and I will not be the only one.

    Given that ALL support is GIVEN FREELY yet stills costs us TIME, I do not see that you have a single thing to moan about, and I agree totally with LL.

    Now, THAT was a diatribe.

    Nice call podz.



    I offer my apologies for offending anyone here. That TRULY was not my intent at all. I simply was letting people know how pleased I was with Ryan, that he was someone that got back to me, and I tried giving him some publicity in return. Unfortunatley, due to my lack of providing a back-story of recent experiences I’ve had with attempts at contacting plug-in developers outside of this forum, things turned a bit sour.

    My comment about plug-in developers not responding was by no means directed to the ones here; it was directed to the ones outside of this forum. But like I said that’s my fault for not explaining appropriately.

    True, as you may have seen from a recent post of mine, I have grown a little upset with not getting the help I’ve requested here. The help just seemed to stop abruptly. Maybe I had too many questions? I don’t know. If so, or for any other reason, I apologize for that, too. But in fairness, with the amount of traffic I see coming through here, I’m surprised that somebody didn’t have the time to respond, WP developer or not.

    Out of respect for the WP support team, I try to lighten the load here by asking the developers themselves there, which they also have publicized as a valid means of offering support. I’ve even seen a post or two from people here suggesting such a tactic. And if that didn’t work, then I’d try here. Those type of posts have gotten responses.

    But let me say again: please accept my apologies for offending. That was not my intent. Your (and everybody’s) help is very much appreciated.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    You didn’t offend me 🙂

    I can see why you felt like you did – your mail wasn’t answered. But from my experience, I’m sure that everyone who sent me a mail thought they were the only one doing so.
    It’s like going shopping before Christmas / Thanksgiving. You pick a time when you reckon it will be quiet, but then you find everyone else had the same idea – so it’s still a frantic stressful crush 🙂

    Answers really are better here than in an email box. I now post my email address only for very specific issues where I feel that either the situation is unique or that there could be something that WP docs could learn from.

    It is tempting to ask for help by email – but the best way for all concerned is to post it here 🙂

    And don’t forget #wordpress on – lots of WP coders there !

    Thank you, podz. I really do appreciate your comments. I will exercise a bit more patience when waiting for a reply here as well as posting for all.

    Thanks again!

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