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  • I had this issue when i used the plugin on a different website as well in the past:

    The problem occurs when your list of streams is getting big, then on the website it doesn’t show any live streams (texts). When you remove a couple of streams from the list, everything comes back to normal.

    When i didn’t use the plugin my brother built me a script to bypass the issues. Please see it below and use anything that can help to fix the issue. especialy check the first var lines, as i think that might be the issue that the pluging reaches one of the tresholds that my brother below stated manually and any time querry reches the treshold the script starts a new querry (with list of streams). because with many livestreams to check, due to below 3 tresholds it’s impossible to send a querry to twitch in 1 querry. you need to start splitting it if it makes sense. the script below does it.

    Please help.

    var ieMaxUrlLength = 2083;
    var jQueryJsonPSuffixLength = 70; // Roughly
    var maxTwitchResults = 100;

    $(document).ready(function($) {
    var channelIds = $(‘.ltwitch’).map(function () {
    return $(this).data(‘tnick’);
    var baseUrl = “”+maxTwitchResults+”&channel=”; // see
    var resultsCount = 0;
    var url = baseUrl;
    for (var i = channelIds.length-1; i >= 0; –i){
    var channelId = channelIds[i];
    url += channelId + ‘,’;
    if (i === 0 || (++resultsCount == maxTwitchResults) || url.length + channelIds[i-1].length > ieMaxUrlLength – jQueryJsonPSuffixLength) {
    $.getJSON(url + “&callback=?”, function (streamsResult) {
    $.each(streamsResult.streams, function (idx, stream) {
    var $player = $(“[data-tnick]”).filter(function () { return this.getAttribute(‘data-tnick’).toLowerCase() ===; });
    $player.parent(‘div’).css({display: “block”});
    url = baseUrl;
    resultsCount = 0;


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