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  • Hi Gentlemen & Ladies, For all the people using Linode or other Linux based without that nasty Lamp Stack installed, i have a Question. LOL

    I know during the install of W-P we can pick to have it running many sites, and here,s why i did not do that, for one i not know that at the start, lol for two now that i do know it i would rather have 2 sites running in and installed W-P in 2 folders. Reason for this i feel is for security, i don’t like the thoughts of all sites having one control point, maybe i given myself work to do.

    Can i do this, {for linux user,s. }
    From the download of W-P i already have can i just
    sudo cp -r ~/wordpress/* /into/new/www-data/file ??
    Then set up a new Apache file pointing to the www-data/file, along with a new d-b set up? I know i can add another ip address onto linode with one click, { i yet not clear on setting apache up for another site }.

    Any light you can shed on this would be great


    LOve W-P, its great thanks to everyone!!, and anyone trying to find my site .. domain not added yet, going to build a 404 page saying still in building then add it.

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