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    Hi @byrehep
    Most of the stream links are HTTP (Unsecured) that can’t be played on the HTTPS (Secured) website because of browser mixed-content restrictions.
    Modern browsers no longer accept mixed requests.

    You have to use the WP Radio Proxy Player addon to remove the browser mixed-content restrictions.
    That means you can play HTTP radio stream link on HTTPS website by using a cors-proxy system by using the WP Radio Proxy Player Addon.`

    Disappointed with this plugin, before it worked perfectly, now it doesn’t play any radio, I’ve tried everything but the stations don’t play.

    I changed the HTTP links to HTTPs and they still don’t work

    Now, they want me to spend more money buying an add on for $29.99, with no guarantee that it will work.

    I spent money, time, spread the site to many people and now I’m embarrassed because the radios don’t play.

    Please update the software so that the stations get back up and running and stop blaming us.

    Right now I feel cheated by the company.

    After the update everything started working again, I’m already loving the plugin again, that’s what you expect from the plugin

    Congratulations to the support team who resolved everything quickly.

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    I bought proxy player http broadcasts started working. (I even bought the license twice 🙂 )

    AAC broadcasting radios do not work! I guess proxy player and normal player don’t support aac?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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