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  • Hi

    I’m testing a webshop setup with credit card payments. After completing an order it is – from a legal perspective – neccessary to send a customer invoice to the person purchasing a product. This is giving me a suprising number of problems:

    1. Other emails (Order confirmation, completed order) are sent correctly but when I try to manually send out a Customer Invoice from the order backend – it results in a short email with the header “Order #xxxx details” and no indication of this being an invoice. This may be a silly question: How is a Customer Invoice normally sent out in Woocommerce?

    2. In my country it is necessary to have a sequential invoice number on an invoice. For obvious practical reasons it can’t be the same as the order number (there will be gaps in the numbering). I simply can’t find out where to input an invoice number in Woocommerce!

    3. It is also a legal requirement to have following information on the invoice: A. The amount excl VAT. B. The VAT rate. C. The VAT amount. D. The total amount incl. VAT. As of now Woocommerce is only putting C and D into the various emails. I assume this will also be the case, if and when I manage to send out a Customer Invoice. How is this possible?

    I hope someone can help on this issue – these problems could become a real reason to find a different shop-setup, which would be a shame, because it works so well in other respects.

    Thanks 🙂

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  • Regarding the lack of information in the “Customer Invoice”-option in Woocommerce – I found this old post:

    I’m having trouble believing that Woocommerce has no real way of dealing with legally sufficient invoices. I am on Woocommerce version 2.0.10. Shouldn’t this have been fixed by now?

    @ 1. and 3.:
    you have to setup / create your own invoice template, the orginal file is located in
    copy this file to your template directory
    and modify it as you need

    you may also look at this files:

    @ 2.:
    maybe a starting point

    Thank you very much for that. Your suggestion certainly sorts out #1 🙂

    Personally I don’t quite have the coding skills to make the template dynamically show the amount excl. VAT and the VAT rate (#3), but thanks for the tip.

    #2 – I am considering buying that plugin.

    Sum up: I am still a bit disappointed that Woocommerce doesn’t have these basic – and legally important – options out of the box.

    A totally different way of sorting out some of the issues would be to install the “Print Invoices & Delivery Notes”-plugin and manually input an invoice number when completing an order. This does not – of course – result in a mail, but a paper invoice.

    Will be doing this on one of our shops today – I’ll try to get a code example up.

    In case you were wondering, and this applies to your circumstances, the maths involved to work out VAT from a purchase price (at 20% VAT – UK rate) are as follows:

    Ex-VAT price = (purchaseprice x 5) / 6
    VAT amount = purchaseprice – ((purchaseprice x 5) / 6)

    We need this logic for our invoices – so thought it could be useful for someone else. The maths will be different depending on how you work VAT on shipping and non-VATable products, too.

    lucky me, I can use the plugin “WooCommerce Deutsch (de_DE)” which does the math for me partly: gross ammount, tax ammount and tax rate are displayed which is enough for retail customers in Austria.
    But even with Invoices & Delivery Notes plugin and sequential order numbers the invoice number problem still exists.

    @herinde: I do not understand, where to set the invoice number manually, can you further explain that to me?

    Thank you



    Hello, I found an WooCommerce plugin that got the Manual Invoice Payment Gateway combined with printing out Invoice and Delivery Note and also personal security number option in the Payment Gateway. You also have options to design your template that not renaming the above things mentioned…

    You can find it at

    Hi mmtomm,

    I have coded a plugin for sequential invoice numbers.

    Do you still need it?


    Hi Gabriel,

    yes, I think we all still look for a solution, can you post more information about your plugin and it’s features here?

    Thank you

    Hi Tom,

    It does the same as but for invoices 🙂





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    @gabriel Reguly: These are forums are NOT the place for you to advertise your paid-for solutions.

    Hi esmi,

    Thanks for the reply, I was not aware that it was not allowed.

    How come @beseecher comment was not moderated too?

    Perhaps I should do as SkyVerge’s release a lite and a pro version, that would be ok?


    HELLO herinde,

    Have you found a solution, same for me, maybe same country, france?

    @gabriel Reguly: it does not seem to match our specs above too close, does it?

    @mmtomm: apologies if you got it wrong, but my code is for sequential invoice numbers and nothing else.

    I was under the impression that it was the last part of your puzzle 🙂

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