• dave22n


    Rates several themes and plugins as compatible, which definitely are not and have crashed under newer PHP versions (Random Text 0.3.0, WP Bakery 6.0.5, Slideshow 2.3.1 (dereg’d since Apr ’22)) — and has rated several themes and plugins as incompatible which seem to work fine under PHP 7.4 previous versions (Duplicator, LayerSlider WP 6.8.2, UpdraftPlus – Backup/Restore 1.23.3, WP Mail SMTP 3.7.0).

    So to have false evals of plugins and themes, both directions, makes this a useless tool and a waste of time. It’s a great idea of course, but with the errors I’ve seen it means it can’t even be relied upon to give some clues in a PHP problem hunt.

    If I’m missing something will happily change my tune — because like ChatGPT, it sure gives some attractive, confident-looking answers! And linting ought not be so buggy as all this. Truly quite surprised.

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