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  • Hi to all!

    im new here in this blog and so i am not shure if its ok to post my new website here

    my new website is an free template portal where you can get many free wordpress templates as well as joomla and phpbb templates for free – all templates are custom designed by us
    its an absolute free page – we not sell any templates there.

    also one unique about our site is that we try to make one design and implement that for all systems we support – so you can have one design for your blog (wordpress), the same design for your forum (phpbb) and also the same for your whole website (joomla) -> one look, three systems

    we have not so much templates now (totaly about 50 – but we are adding new templates nearly each day)

    if you want also to make some templates for templatespin – feel free to contact us at webmaster (at)

    [link moderated]

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  • i have forgotten to tell, you also can post your free templates in your new forum (but the forum is 1 day old -> so we not have any posts till yet 🙂

    You can posts about themes… AFTER you read the sticky topic in this section:
    and conform to it.

    BTW, asking my email to register with it – it is NOT free theme. Period.

    All the WP themes I checked are cheap Kubrick clones.

    Yeah, I gotta agree that “Register for FREE to download all of our Templates!! After Signup and login you can download ALL our Templates for FREE!” smells a lot like the 1990’s.

    Just gave a try.

    Filled the form half an hour ago.

    Never received the mail…

    Seems to me that try to pump the source of the open source culture…

    Just dont’t go there…



    I am a freelance designer working for templatespin and have had part in designing the templates, skins and themes contained there.

    First of all: I just tried re-registrating myself and i must admit we unfortunately seem to have a small problem with the cms sending out the registration mails.
    This will be dealt with most urgently.

    To counter the “Kubrick clones” argument I have to say that he have borrowed the Kubrick design concept, its backend and the straight and simple structure of its design to form our own – really unique themes.

    For instance: All these pictures used in there have been taken personally by a professional photographer I know really really well personally – in fact she is my girlfriend – and have been adapted for template/theme/skin use. This particular style of designmod might not be respected by the skilled programmer – i really understand that – but should be looked at in an artistic way. These are unique designs.

    Additionally – all of our templates css files contain a reference to the original designer. For instance a usual css file header looks like this:
    Based upon: The famous Kubrick Theme by Michael Heilemann
    Modtype: Designmod

    I know that this isnt obvious in the presentation menu, but it reveals the nature of this theme to everyone truly interested.

    I have to underline that these templates DO contain a sponsor Link bar at the bottom of the page and fit into the design so not to overwhelm the site.

    We will fix the registration issue within 24 hours. I feel sorry if that annoyed you.

    So long for now. Its nearly seven in the morning here and i didnt sleep all night so i will reply quite late for comments – in bout 9 hours minimum. Good nite.

    kind regards,


    All this long rant doesn’t answer the issue of NOT being free. You ask registering in exchange for download. I know one can create a temporary “junk mail” – but why should we?

    As for the “concept”… if you have to answer as many questions about K. as we have here – you would know it is not the brightest design concept, especially for newbies who wants to customize it.


    im chris, the first poster,

    1st – our registration email problem is fixed -> so you can signup and get an account activation email to download all templates!

    2nd – yes each needs to get registred – but i dont know what you think, are you realy think we catch email addresses and sell them or use them for spam?? the few houndreds of email addresses?? – we NOT do that we only need the registration because two things: first some times we have smal bugs in templates, then we fix that and send the users who have downloaded the template an email inform them about the updated/fixed version. And second the registration is also for forum account (you can use your account for template download and at our new forum to post

    All of your templates ARE free (a registration cost nobody any money -> it is only good for keeping the template users iformed! – please signup and you will see that we never spam any of this addresses!





    I will let you know chris, that I nearly removed your post to the b2evolution forums outright. Im still debating it.

    and why you nearly removed my post to the b2evo forum? what is wrong with my site?




    the same thing is wrong with it here. 1. your themes are not free, sponsored links in theme negate them being free for me.

    And what someone decides to do here, has nothing to do with what I do over there — in other words, the mods here are much more tolerant them I am, and I am God, with a very big G, on the b2evolution support forums.

    csmcsm wrote : my new website is an free template portal where you can get many free wordpress templates (…)

    jekonel wrote : I have to underline that these templates DO contain a sponsor Link bar at the bottom of the page and fit into the design so not to overwhelm the site.

    Sorry… But no. Simply no…

    Your footer is encoded. It’s not just a “sponsor Link”, it’s an encoded footer, a closed source, a “locked” source.

    I’m so enthousiast with WP because I feel the developpers, and the people on this forum, strongly belive in the “open source” philosophy. This is why I spend some time on this forum… Somebody helps me, I help somebody… I’m totally “free” to do it, it’s my liberty… This is the deep meaning of “free”… It cost nothing.

    What you’re doing is the totally contrary of “free”… It’s a deal : use my theme, and you make some advertisement for me. It’s a trade. More… My code is encrypded, you’re not “free” to change it, you can’t do what you want with it… It’s mine…

    So, you hijack an open source and copy left project to sell your stuff. You rip someone else’s harvest. Perdiod.

    More… You use this forum, where I spend time, helping people for free, to advertise your publicity deal, your “closed source” theme… I call it a scam.

    I strongly advise any Worpress user to do not use a theme with a encoded footer. Une another theme, try to learn how to build your own, we will help you to do so, for free, here on this forum, but for the sake of the open source and copyleft way of life, do not use a “closed source” theme.

    Do not use any’s theme… This site try to bypass an open source project to trade their &?(&?9 advertisement.

    WordPress is free, my knowledge is free, everybody on this forum will help you for free… So get rid of these so called “free” theme with encrypted footers…





    are they encoded?


    Thank you, SimonJ, for taking the time and effort to register to get insight in this scam.

    I totally agree with your advice. Do not use these themes. Period.

    Topic closed.

    Any further attempt to publicize that site will be deleted without warning.

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