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  • Hello.

    How can I use the same blog on more than one domain?

    In exemplo, I have a blog at with a post that can be accessed by

    I’d like to access this post from several domains like

    On my host I use cPanel and I’m able to set several subdomains and addon domains to use the same folder, where wordpress is installed. But once other domains are accessed, wordpress redirects to its wp_options.siteurl main domain.

    I even tried some hacks on database, but all I got was a crashed blog asking for reinstallation 😛

    tnx for any help

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  • Google will penalize you severely for doing that (duplicate content), as they view it as a “black-hat search-engine gaming technique”. I wish more people had trouble figuring out how to do it! 😉


    agreed… this is the internet equivalent of forcing someone’s mouth open and stuffing it full of horse shit.

    Colourful analogy? perhaps, but this practice is the cancer killing search.

    Don’t judge me plz……

    I have the same domain on .com and .net, and I don’t want them redirecting to the same domain.

    I know a forum that has lots (and I say lots) of domains reserved and all domains show the same content with small differences on layout.

    I just don’t want wordpress to redirect visitors to wp_option.siteurl, showing its content normally independent of domain.

    But anyway, how Google penalize a site that uses more than 1 domain?

    they will simply remove you from their index.

    there really should be only one source for the exact same content, not 12. Redirecting is the right thing to do.

    I’m curious, is there a reason not to redirect?

    Like I said, I know a forum with some different domains and it is shown normally on Google, it just doesn’t show all the domains just 1 of them for each page, but all domains are found on Google.

    Like I said, I have the same name under .com and .net, and I wanted to have them properly used.

    Instead of HTTP redirection, I can use a page with a frame to wrap my blog on the other domains, but using that visitors will not see posts url.

    There are a lot of ppl that has both .com and .net domains, I don’t see anything wrong with that.

    Umm, the other people are correct – nearly all search engines will penalize you for duplicate content. And the major ones will dump you. That does not mean that if someone types in your exact domain name that it won’t show up – it means that it won’t show up in “searches” which is really what a person wants unless they are “Amazon” or “Sears” where everyone knows what the URL is and doesn’t need to search to find it.

    Most people who own multiple top level domains with the same URL prefix use the additional .net, .biz, .info, etc as Pointers and/or masks to the main domain.

    if you want to content dump onto a second domain you can use “<iframe>” but you won’t get “long tail” urls with it.


    This can be done with no penalties…….

    BUT what you want to do is set up a 301 redirect from the alternate domain names to your PRIMARY domain name (so choose one to be the primary and STICK WITH IT)

    1. Create a folder on your root at the same level where your primary domain is, maybe call it my_blog_redirect, and then create and upload a text file to that folder.

    2. In that text file you should have ONLY this line:
    redirect 301 /

    3. In your FTP app or File Manager rename that text file to “.htaccess”

    4. In your CPanel point the alternate domains to your new folder containing that new .htaccess file

    This way when anyone types in any of your alternate domain names they will be redirected to your PRIMARY domain name.

    EVERYONE ELSE who has posted here is RIGHT – you do NOT want to have multiple domains pointing to the same folder without using a 301 redirect because otherwise Google (and other search engines) will index them all – and you would very likely get BANNED from all the search engines for duplicate content.

    Further, having multiple domains pointing to the same site without using a redirect CONFUSES site visitors and makes you look like you’re trying to scam them….they will be unlikely to return……

    All that being said a lot of companies use the 301 method to make sure that any traffic to other domains they own (such as misspellings or variations of their name and/or brand) still get to their site.

    The redirect is, indeed, the way to go, and that is not a “bad thing” at all (I do it regularly!) What should *not* be done, is what the original poster wanted help doing! 😉


    “Most people who own multiple top level domains with the same URL prefix use the additional .net, .biz, .info, etc as Pointers and/or masks to the main domain.

    if you want to content dump onto a second domain you can use “<iframe>” but you won’t get “long tail” urls with it.”

    That’s exactaly what I mean. I know at least one phpBB forum that have multiple domains, not only .com .net .org differences, with the same content changing just a little on their templates, and it is very well shown on search engines, at least on Google. I never saw the same page being shown more than once on the same search with different domains (that’s what search engines want to avoid), but one, not always the same, is shown on searches.
    And users can change freely which domain to use to access the forum, with its small template differences, and everywthing works well. That’s what I want.

    But well, everybody tells me to use the redirection. I’m not in a hurry and my blog and domains are working I just wanna increase its quality and their usability 😛

    Today I’m using php to redirect, I was thinking in using frame like suggested. My concert is that using php WebRedirect, parameters and folders don’t work and user receives 404 error for folders and are sent to main page for parameters, and domain is not shown on address bar. Frame shows domain on address bar, but user loses bookmark and doesn’t see full URL, just a static domain.

    htaccess is a better solution, I did a few tests today and parameters and folders are maintained. I tried to use htaccess to trick wordpress and make it “think” user was accessing it from wp_option.siteurl but it didn’t work 😛

    I’m doing some tests and using htaccess to redirect seems to be the best solution anyway. I research more info about redirection, and read that when 302 redirection is used, search engines drop the targert domain and use the source domain on their lists.

    Do you guys know if there is any penalty if I use one of my domains as the real one, and use 302 redirection on the others? I don’t want to trick search engines nor lead them to ambiguity, I’m just curious on how they lead with it.

    For testing purpose I will use for the next months HTML frame to wrap the blog on the other domains, and on one of them I will use 302 redirection. I wanna see if Google will use this domain on its lists instead of the current main domain.

    I needed a plugin for this exact purpose, and I believe there are more then enough legit reasons, so I wrote one. Go to plugins and search for “domain theme”, it works for me.

    I have a site that needs to share some but not all content (read: categories) and have modified two themes to do so. That has created in essence, two sites that are very different. One site uses a theme that reveals categories that might be objectionable or of no interest to seniors, while the other when accessed by a different domain name appear in larger font and warmer colors.

    I can think of others: a shorter simple domain name for the same content without pictures or media for cell phones, etc.

    I really don’t think thats “stuffing it full of horse shit”, the applications are legit.

    Well I found a plugin that gets the job done very well and with simplicity. And Google is not penalising me up until now 😛

    Hey shidouhikari, what plug in are you using?

    Shidouhikari, did you use the domain theme plugin or a different one. I have a similar problem to yours, I need to send different visitors to different pages depending on domain name.

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