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  • I used this plugin and Klarna as a payment provider for a short while. Unfortunately, we had many orders that got cancelled without any reason given. In the Klarna backend there are no error messages whatsoever. Asking some of those customers about what went wrong, they answered that the payment process just froze. Some even believed that their payment had been successful and were waiting for their order. Klarna support was very unhelpful, tried to blame it on customers’ credit-worthiness. However, most of them were able to pay with PayPal (even using invoice as payment method, which also checks credit-worthiness) without any problem. In the end, six customers’ orders failed (100%) within only two days.

    What is mysterious though is that I myself was able to place two test orders (in the live system using SOFORT and invoice as payment methods) without any issues. Perhaps our customers are just too stupid?! However, they were smart enough to pay using PayPal PLUS payment gateway. So, I had to deactivate Klarna unfortunately because we cannot afford so many cancelled orders. I am now using Klarna Slice-it and Klarna Pay-Later through Mollie, which works just fine.

    Plus, with Mollie I get feedback in the backend about the reason when a payment doesn’t go through. I can see when Klarna refused an installment payment, for instance. In the Klarna backend, that kind of information was not visible in the logs/protocol. I could not even see which payment method offered by Klarna they were using. It just says: “Klarna.” Very unhelpful.

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  • Plugin Author Kristi at Klarna


    Hi @derweltbuerger,

    We’re sorry you were not happy with Klarna support or the Klarna Payments integration. Regarding the payment process freezing: that problem would need to be debugged specifically for the individual store as that does not happen in a standard, vanilla environment that we are aware of. Perhaps you are already aware, but for reference, support for the Klarna Woo plugins is available from and also from the plugin developers at

    To enable the Klarna Payments Woo plugin to best align with Woo architecture and be compatible with as many other Woo plugins as possible, when the customer places an order, a Woo order is created in Pending Payment status, and then the corresponding Klarna order is placed. If the Klarna order was approved, the Woo order is updated to Processing status. Depending on the customer actions and Klarna response, this flow can result in Woo order with status of Pending Payment, and those Woo orders can be configured to be cancelled, as documented at

    The Woo Klarna Payments plugin does add Woo order notes as follows:
    – “Authorization rejected by Klarna.” – when the Klarna order is denied (as can be tested when using Klarna playground API credentials with +denied test flag per, note that the specific reason for the Klarna rejection is private data and thus Klarna cannot not share that with the order data
    – “Customer aborted purchase with Klarna.” – when the customer closes the popup modal and doesn’t complete the purchase
    – “Payment via Klarna Payments, order ID: …” – when the Klarna order is approved
    – a Woo order note is not possible when the customer clicks “Place Order” Woo checkout button but doesn’t complete the purchase (e.g. closes browser window and doesn’t complete the popup modal if it was triggered) as the code doesn’t get control back in order to be able to place a Woo order

    Klarna offers different payment methods depending on the region and merchant’s chosen configuration of which payment methods best fit their store. Payments not approved by Klarna may be more common for some regions and payment methods than others.

    Regarding tracking the customer’s chosen Klarna payment method on the Woo order, we are aware this is desired information but it is not easy to capture the localized name of the selected payment option since the Klarna Payments plugin is coded to handle an unknown number of real-time dynamic payment options based on the merchant’s configuration and also be as compatible with other Woo plugins as much as possible. We will continue to investigate this functionality though see if this could be improved in the future. The Woo order does at least show the order’s Initial Payment method under the Klarna Order Management section of the Woo order in the Woo store admin. This Initial Payment method is not localized data (and thus is not displayed to customers) but is what is currently available from the Klarna order management API per

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