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  • They may be really good at getting their friends and family to post positive reviews for them but that’s where their skill set ends. Worst support ever and the free version is broken….does not send emails. When asked about it their response was…..”yeah, you might want to go ahead and fix that”. Ha! Seriously, that’s what they said.

    Run away from this.

    Use this instead….Email Subscribers

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  • Plugin Author Postmatic


    I’m proud of our support team for proactively recognizing your outgoing email problem and alerting you to it. We hate seeing email not being delivered. You should look into fixing it.

    Postmatic Basic does not send mail for you. It tells WordPress to send an email, and WordPress tells your host (such as Godaddy) to deliver it. This is how email is done in WordPress.

    Most webhosts throttle the amount of email you send as a way to deter spammers. Godaddy, for example, limits sending to 5 emails per 30 minutes. Any additional email is not sent (and disappears). In that case if your subscriber list is 40 people, and you publish a post, only the first 5 will get it. The other 35 will not.

    Here is a good article by WP Beginner: Why you should never use WordPress to send newsletters.

    You can resolve the issue in a few ways:

    • Use an outgoing mail service like Sendgrid
    • Upgrade to a paid Postmatic plan (we send email for paying customers). There is even a 30 day free trial.
    • Upgrade your hosting account

    Other plugins in this space such as Email Subscribers, Mailpoet, etc will not solve this for you.

    The problem is not the plugins.

    ON the contrary ‘rsktkr’ – their support is fantastic and their plugin is great. Your review doesn’t tell us the whole story obviously. But Jason explained very well why yours is not working. Don’t blame the plugin when it’s your problem.

    p.s. I’m a client and not family!

    Thumbs up for a great reply. Well done Postmatic.

    Plugin Author Postmatic


    Thanks, melagali and Etienne! It means a lot to have users stick up for us! Much appreciation.

    Bait and switch scheme. Watch out. Basically, the plugin is useless and when you find out and call them on their shit they tell you to pay for the upgrade to make it actually work. Sleazy.

    Do this instead….[ link redacted, please do not post links in reviews ]

    Totally free, no bait and switch and works perfectly without the sleazeball tactics. Highly recommend.

    BTW, below is the type of responses to requests for support you can expect. These are his exact words. Very professional as you can see…..

    Ok I’m going to put it to you another way because I like what you are doing and want to see you succeed. It’s like this:

    You are into street racing. Your brother gives you a set of tires for your birthday. They aren’t high-end but they are free and better than what you had previously. You’re stoked about these tires. You put them on your rig and take it to a local track for a trial. The track isn’t the fanciest – it has a corner on it which is only rated for 65mph. But hey – this is just goofing off. You’re not paying for banked walls here.

    They put you with another guy for your trial. You’re in the lead. Flying. It’s going great. You come up to that 65mph corner and say screw it, i’m taking it at 70. You come into it, skid across, hit the gravel, and blow a tire. You’re done.

    Who do you blame? The track, your brother, or yourself? If you want to take corners at 70 you’re going to need a better track, or better tires.

    This is the same thing.

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    [ redacted ]

    @rsktkr – Not sure if you have an affiliation with the StoreApps product, but seems to be false advertising on the site you link to.

    “No coding knowledge needed to collect or send emails” is listed as a feature, yet to use the opt-in form at the end of a post, you need to know how to insert a shortcode. And, if you want it to appear site-wide, you need to know how to edit your PHP (which, as anyone knows, isn’t for the novice).

    But, all that aside (because it’s a moot comparison as it doesn’t offer the same features as Postmatic)….

    – You give a 1-star review for a free product because the issue is one your end.

    – You say support is poor when pretty much every review on here praises Postmatic’s support team, and rightly so.

    – You complain because Jason from Postmatic uses an analogy to explain the difference between free and Premium (and how he wants you to succeed).

    I’m a user, not a family member, and I’d say the Postmatic team are better off with your “support” of their product, as no matter what they do you’d probably still complain.

    Danny Brown works for Postmatic. His name is all over the site.

    Postmatic should stop trying to find new friends to post retaliation messages about my very real complaint. It’s embarrassing and just making the problem worse. In fact, I’m embarrassed for you.

    Can’t you see that any new users would see that if they have any kind of problem or complaint they too will be at risk of being publicly harassed for voicing their opinion the way you are trying to shut me up?

    Anyone with basic knowledge can track you guys and see that you all come from the same town in Canada and are all friends.

    Geesh….stop already and just hope nobody reads my review.

    [ link redacted, please do not post links in reviews ]

    I’m a happy user. You may want to check facts before assuming knowledge.

    And you know there’s a Burlington in Vermont as well as a Burlington in Canada, don’t you? I guess not….

    As far as “retaliation” goes, it’s called advocacy from very happy users.

    Kinda like you and your continuous posting of your StoreApps link.

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Forum Moderator and Brute Squad

    *Looks and reads all the reviews*

    They may be really good at getting their friends and family to post positive reviews for them but that’s where their skill set ends.

    That’s not very nice and unfounded.

    Worst support ever and the free version is broken….does not send emails.

    Did you seek support? Was it via email?

    BTW, below is the type of responses to requests for support you can expect. These are his exact words. Very professional as you can see…..

    Do not post people’s email address in these forums. I’ve redacted it but do not repeat that again.

    I’ve also redacted the links. If you want to review the plugin and your experience related to the plugin then please do. But keep it about the plugin, do not attempt to make your review about some other plugin.

    *Does hands timeout thing*

    Let’s all keep the reviews positive and not get into name calling, OK?

    Someone left a review. The author replied. Hilarity ensued. It’s fine to reply but let’s respect the original reviewer, OK? It’s rsktkr and the opinion is just that: an opinion and there’s not really that much to read here.

    Plugin Author Postmatic


    Thanks, Jan. I appreciate you jumping in to try to keep things cool in here.

    For the sake of transparency:
    Danny Brown does not work for Postmatic nor has he ever. He’s just a big fan of our work, and we’re big fans of his blog. We drank some whisky together when he came through Vermont, though.

    Otherwise, I guess all is said and done here. The takeaway for other users as far as my side goes is this: Postmatic and other email-related WordPress plugins do not actually send email for you. Email is still sent via your webhost and, depending on who your host is, you may be throttled. A lot has been written about how to send better email in WordPress. Look around.


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