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  • Though I realize that SK2 was created to combat bot generated spam, some of us try to use it to prevent humans (trolls, etc.) fr. commenting. I was hoping someone could help me understand behavior of the plugin & how to get it to do a few things that are important to me in terms of the security of my comment threads.

    I have a troll who tries to comment regularly. Since he has access to an unlimited number of IPs, I can’t ban him absolutely via this method. But I’ve noticed that even when he uses IP addresses that I have already blacklisted his comments are still getting published.

    After examining the log, I notice that banning his IP adds 25 pts to his score. However, because he has published comments before his granularity rating is quite high (well over 25). This means that even after banning his IPs his high granularity rating is getting his comments published.

    So now I’ve started manually setting his IP blacklist score. But I’m confused by how I should set the score. If his granularity rating is 176 should I be setting his IP blacklist score to 200 say; or should I be using minus numbers like -200?

    And is there any way to manually reduce a commenters granularity rating so I don’t have to continually set his IP blacklist rating manually?

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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