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Manually selected post shows only thumbnail and title

  • dbfranz


    First of all thank you for this great plugin, it’s the only one so complete.
    I’ve found one strange thing:
    if I choose a post manually than it show only then thumbnail and the title. It doesn’t shows the excerpt, the date and the number of comments, and they are selected in the administration panel of the plugin.

    Thank you


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  • silvoslaf


    Hey Francesco, thanks for reaching out & thanks for your compliments, they really mean a lot to us!

    As for your problem — yeah, we know about this bug for some time now, but I’m afraid we still haven’t found the time to address it. I sincerely hope this will be solved in the following weeks, but I really cannot make any promises. Please bear with us!

    And do let me know if you have any other questions I could help you with, since I’ll be more than glad to!

    Take care & have a nice weekend!


    Hi, @silvoslaf ! I face the same problem, is there any hope for a fix? I do not need post-meta, only exceprt…

    Hey guys, thanks for the heads up on this matter, but I’m sorry to say that we still haven’t addressed this issue. I know, it’s dreadful and completely our fault, but I promise it won’t go unnoticed in the forthcoming weeks! We will fix it, we just hope it’ll be sooner than later!

    Again — sorry for the lack of support on this issue, but we’re bound to improve ourselves! Thanks for your continuous patience & support, we really appreciate it!

    I’ll let you know as soon as there’s something new about this! Take care & have a nice rest of the day!


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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