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  • Hey,

    I work with really high dpi images, so resizing them down in photoshop kind of ruins the quality of the work. When I post images to my blog, wordpress resizes the high dpi images down to fit the page, thus keeping everything looking crisp and great. However, when I upload a high dpi header image, the image isn’t resized to the width/height designated in the style options. It just goes monster-mode and takes over the entire page.

    My question is this: is there any way to keep the high dpi header image and force size constraints on it within wordpress? I created it keeping the correct proportions if it were to be downsized to the 900px width of my site, so there won’t be any stretching or skewing.

    Sorry if this is a really simple solution and has been asked a ton of times, but I searched for a while and couldn’t find anything that fixed the issue.

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  • Rinku Y


    Each theme set their image size to display thumbnail properly. that’s why your original image crop. have you searched for a plugin, which add a feature to use original image instead cropped or resized.

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