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  • Hi,

    Is there a way to manually reset a user’s password through UM? That is, have UM send on of its emails to a specific user with a link to reset their password ?

    Right now the only way I could find to do (almost) this is through the WP user management, and since WP doesn’t include the new password in the email sent to the user (plus, it’s an ugly WP email, not a UM one), it’s not much use…

    I can create the email I want to be sent with the link and everything, but I don’t know how to have it sent to a user…

    Searched all the forums, but couldn’t find a way to do this.



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  • Yes, you may do this in an admittedly crude way by simply visiting your own site (while not logged in) and enter the user’s email address into the Forgot Password? field (i.e., password reset page). The net effect will be that UM will send the password reset email to that user as if he/she initiated the process him/herself.

    Best regards,

    Hi verysiberian,

    Thanks, this would definitely work but it IS pretty crude – and a bit clunky if I want to reset a group of users.

    As UM doesn’t have its own user management page (which I think they should, IMHO), I think they could at least add some functions to the stock WP user management page to do this sort of housekeeping – reset password, resend welcome email and the like…

    Thanks again for responding


    Well, you asked to be “manually reset a user password”, so VerySiberian gave you a pertinent answer.

    You can force users to reset their passwords if you like. Just search the WP repository under “Force password resets” and see what plugin you like best, or try this one and let us know if this did the trick:

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    Of course there are plenty of ways to reset a user’s password, whether from within WP or through plugins.
    But I’m afraid you misunderstood my initial question, which was perhaps poorly phrased. It should read: “Is there a way to manually reset a user’s password within the Ultimate User context”. UM creates specific links and emails to users for all account-related situations, and if you use WP or another plugin to perform an account-related action such as password reset, you will necessarily do it outside of this context – a different email will be sent, another reset link created and so on… So what I was asking for is, is there any way to manually trigger sending these emails from within Ultimate member (hence the posting on this specific forum).
    Sorry for the confusion!


    That question was already answered.

    Could you tell me where then, or at least give a hint ?


    There is no way to do this in broad strokes unless you install a third party plugin. If it’s just to do one ore two, then you do it manually like VerySiberian said.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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