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  • I also need help with this – anyone have any ideas? I managed to hide all the prices entirely on the catalog page, but the “from:” stuff still shows up on the individual product pages. And I’d prefer not to hide all prices anyway – just the ones for items with variable prices.


    the “from” text is not something you can change in the settings, which you may hav enoticed. It’s also not within any of the templates – it’s hard-coded within the product class. You can use a filter to change it (or eliminate it)


    function custom_from($price){
    $new_from = “Deposit”;
    $price = str_replace(‘From’,$new_from,$price);
    return $price;

    Thanks very much bheadrick. I haven’t tried it out yet, ’cause I’m not very tech savvy, but I have your instructions saved and will hopefully find the time to tackle this shortly.

    Hey bheadrick. I haven’t altered anything, but my “From:” text doesn’t show on the product category page. How can I fix that so that it will show? Thanks.

    The code shows in the source but it is not working. It says:
    <span class=”product_list_price”><span class=”from”>From: </span><span class=”amount”>$15.00</span><span class=”product_list_button”>

    BTW… I noticed that the word “From:” appears on my home page widget, but the category page doesn’t show it, although the code is there.

    found this in your custom css:

    .product_list_price .from {
    display: none;
    it’s in this file:

    now, I want cheesecake!

    lol… now i got a bigger problem. I backed up my plugins, updated to newer woocommerce, and then add to cart is gone!. I restored my old plugins back in and the add to cart function is still gone.. oh my word… this stinks.

    fixed the From:, thanks to you.

    now to my bigger problem… geeeshh

    Hi, I am wondering if there is a way to completely remove the “From” field all together?

    Im trying to remove the word “Free!” from my products. Anyone know what to do here? Why would this be a default?

    Well, if the price is $0, is it not free?

    lol, not sure how you solve that problem but I think I fixed it with a combination of two fixes I’ve found. thanks for the laugh.

    Hi –

    I want to be able to use the add_filter mention above by bheadrick – but where do I put the code? first time using woocommerce 🙂

    follow this

    Hide WooCommerce "Free" Price Label

    I also had to go into recent.php and find “Free!” and change it for it to work.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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