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    Problem: I’m using posts with thumbnail, but it won’t show my “cropped” version of the thumbnail.

    I’ve added following to functions.php

    add_theme_support( 'post-thumbnails' );

    And in the loop i use:

    This works, but if i try and crop the thumbnail, it never updates as the the_post_thumbnail();

    In WP:

    1. I make a post, and click “Set Featured Image”
    2. I upload Image from computer, and click “Edit” when its uploaded
    3. I do my cropping, save,and updates the image ( isee the new cropped image in the image dialog)
    4. When i close the “featured image” is still the “old” uncropped, both in the post view, and ofcourse on the main site as well.

    If i upload a image called “my_image”, the cropped version wil be named something like my_image-e1332939133330-300×200.jpg, but thats not the image getting fetched when using the_post_thumbnail();

    Help ! 😀

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  • A note: when cropping the image, i select “thumbnail only”

    Looks like you inserted a thumbnail picture into you post and then changed the size? If that is the case then


    1. you would need to delete the picture in the post and insert the new version from the ‘gallery’ or Media Library. I think both your original thumbnail and the re-sized version exists.


    2. Goto ‘Set Featured Image’ rather ‘Remove Featured Image’, – if there is a featured image already in your post, remove featured image and click ‘Set Featured Image’. Then either select ‘gallery’ or ‘media library’ to insert cropped version.

    Does this help? Let me know.

    Thx, but that did not help, i also tried it before..suspecting cache of thumbnails. i also tried regenerating all thumbnails with a plugin..

    Ahh, i had to specifically use ‘thumbnail’ as id:

    //inside loop

    You’d think that the_post_thumbnail() would default to ..the thumbnail – but i came to think of that, when you do not define any id, it will use the full image, so yeah, had to try the ‘thumbnail’ id.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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