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  • Is there a work-around for getting all the information displayed on the My Account page for manually-added subscribers?

    Manually-added subscribers and their subscription plans (and credit card, in Stripe) have been correctly added in Stripe and in Leaky Paywall. And, it appears that LP correctly references Stripe to see if a subscriber is still current.

    However, in the My Account page, the subscriber can’t see the Cancel option -and- there is no option to update their credit card. AND, in the admin, in the Subscribers list, the plan says Non-recurring, even though they do have a Subscription Level assigned.

    (Subscribers who go through the front-end subscribe form -can- see all of the options, correctly, on the My Account page.)

    Digging into the paywall plugin code, is it that, for manually-added subscribers, the ‘expires’ variable isn’t set correctly for these?

    Thank you.

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  • Plugin Contributor Jeremy Green


    Did you add a plan ID from Stripe to each user as well? That’s what is used to display the “cancel” link on the My Account page.

    There is the field for subscriber id, which (I believe) is for the Stripe customer id that starts with cus_ . So that is there. Is that what you meant? Is there a separate field for plan id, other than the drop-down for subscription level?

    Plugin Contributor Jeremy Green


    If you’re adding a user who already has a recurring subscription in Stripe, you’ll need to add the Plan ID that you can find in their Stripe account. That is different than their subscriber ID that is in Stripe.

    There isn’t an input field for it in the WordPress admin at this time, so the user meta would need to be adding using the update_user_meta function.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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