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  • Hello there,

    There are some tutorials about it. For efficiency reason, I’d recommend you to to follow this one. As it requires you to insert some PHP functions and custom CSS, you should use a child theme. Otherwise, you’ll be getting update problem; once the theme is updated in the future, the code additions will be lost as all files are overwritten.

    Firstly, you have to create a child theme or use our premade one which can be downloaded from here. Put all of the PHP functions suggested on that tutorial into child theme’s functions.php file. For CSS code, put it into child theme’s style.css file.



    Thank you for responding to my inquiry.

    While searching for this topic, I didn’t come across the link you shared. Because of this, thank you for sharing it with me.

    I do have additional questions.

    1. Because the only social media platforms offered via the link are Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, how would I add other social media platforms or perhaps an email share button?

    Since I’ve already created a child team some time ago, I’m ready to add whatever CSS code or PHP functions you’ll mention.

    In addition, the issue I encounter is that many of the tutorials don’t explain specifically where to add the new PHP functions/CSS code. They simply say, “Paste this inside the style.css/add this inside the single.php.”

    Instead, it would be far more helpful to say, “While you’re inside the Style.css/PHP function, paste the code/functions right below (insert answer) or right above (insert answer).”

    2. So, where exactly do I place the new codes once I’m inside the PHP or Style.css in the editor of WordPress?

    Also, I don’t want the social share buttons to occur on all pages. Instead, I only want them to appear after a blog post. The link you shared for line 31 says, “// Add sharing button at the end of page/page content.” Furthermore, line 41 also says, “// If not a post/page then don’t include sharing button.”

    This tells me that the PHP function is for all pages, and not just after or before blog posts.

    3. So, how do I make sure that the social share buttons are only in blog posts?

    4. Can I have a counter showing the number of times, which the post is shared via each social share button?




    Good day.

    I haven’t received a response from you, so I’m interested to know if you have received a notification regarding my previous message.

    Upon reviewing the link you submitted, I sent an email to the creator of the code that’s similar to the unanswered message, which I sent to you a week ago.

    However, I haven’t received a response from him as well. Therefore, I’m stuck in limbo right now.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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