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    first of all I really like the Plugin, keep up the great work!

    There is just one thing that I would like to know: Is there a simple way to manually add publications (and citations), that are displayed alongside the others (which are retrieved via PMID/DOI) in the biblioagraphy? the reason for this is that I want to make it possible to cite publications of small journals which are not indexed in PubMed yet. I know it is possible to add these publications via greycite, but metadata is not always correct on these pages.

    I would appreciate any suggestions, thanks in advance,


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  • Plugin Author philliplord


    Currently, no it is not possible to do this, although it is relatively easy to add, and I probably should do so (patches accepted, of course!). I will try and get it into the next release.

    As you mention, you can use Greycite to do this; if it doesn’t work for a particular website that you think it ought to, please do let us know. Put the URL into and click on “Report Error”. It might also be worth talking to the journals. We do support most of the bibliographic metadata standards out there (and there a lot of them). If a journal website won’t work with greycite, it won’t work with a lot of other things either. We do a lot of heuristics, but we can only know if these are successful, if people tell us when they fail!

    Also, if you are talking of your own papers, then arXiv is a good option. Or, alternatively, you can publish them papers on your own wordpress, then use Kblog-metadata to change the metadata to what ever you want; for instance, this URL
    is a paper of mine.

    Thank you for the suggestions and the quick reply. Keep up the good work!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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