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    I want to permanent translate the default theme’s language so spanish speaking people can read it in their native language.
    I know I have to translate the themes files, but I don’t know where to find them.
    I think I have to edit the default theme’s *.mo file but I don’t know where fo find it.
    I found this:
    but I don’t understood how it works. ­čśŤ
    I could translate the front end manually.


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  • Before you start you should take a look at this:

    Thanks, I actually downloaded them, but those files are for translating only the Admin Panel, not the front end.
    I need my readers can read the blog in spanish
    So I need translate words like:
    The Search Button
    and that stuff, all my readers will be spanish speakers, so they will write in spanish.


    Go back and read it again. I see 5-6 links to translated themes, among them a few for the default.

    Thanks moshu You were right!
    I downloaded a theme they say it was in spanish, actually it is in english but comes with a couple of files named: es_ES.po and I think I should do something with them, I opened es_ES.po, it has several terms in english and their translations, but I don’t know what to do next.
    What should I do with es_ES.po and

    You only need
    That’s the file that can be read by the machines. It should be in the theme folder. However, I think it will work only if the whole WP is switched to Spanish.

    Thanks again
    I did what you say but still doesn’t work
    Now I’m working with the template Drunkey Love:
    They say this:
    Localization files
    Thanks to Ralph Inselsbacher the Drunkey Love theme now supports easy localization. Download the right file and place it in the themes/drunkey-love/ folder”
    I downloaded the file: and did as they say but doesn’t work.
    In the drunkey-love folder I found a template page named: header.php with this code in the first line:

    <?php load_theme_textdomain(‘drunkey-love’); ?>

    According to this page
    I think I have to modify something, but honestly I didn’t understand the whole thing.

    This is the address in the server:

    Should I modify load_theme_textdomain(‘drunkey-love’);?
    Is (‘drunkey-love’) correct?

    Thanks in advance.

    This is the address in the server:

    I hpe this is not correct. It should be:

    And I have to repeat my question: is your WP installation set to Spanish?

    You’re right, It was a misspelling from me

    And yes, my WP installation is set to spanish and is working well, but my frontend is not in spanish yet. ­čÖü
    Wait a second! I just notice there are a couple of words in spanish, there are under Meta: Administraci├│n (Administrarion) and Salir (Exit), I don’t know if that is because the WP installatino is set to spanish or something working with the theme.
    This is the blog I’m working in

    Thanks again!!!

    I just realized if I enter my blog typing:
    Under Meta
    there are two links:
    Administaci├│n and
    Salir (Log Out)

    If I enter the blog typing:
    under Meta
    there is just one link that says:
    Identificarse (Login)


    www. are NOT the same!

    What is in your admin > Options > General for the two URI values?

    WordPress (URL)
    Blog (URL)

    Is that wrong? I didn’t change them

    Thanks moshu, you’re a very kind person

    (No, I am the meanest mod, so they say ­čÖé

    That’s correct what you have – and then you should use ONLY that version (without www). You can read about that if you search. There are even solution to force the site to always go the the version without www – many times it’s done via htaccess. But that’s another issue, so do NOT mix it in this topic!

    Is your Spanish theme working finally?
    Yes? – then set this topic to resolved.
    No? – then post about that!

    No, it isn’t.
    I’m driving crazy!

    I just tried another theme (giraffe theme) and it did work.
    It did show up in spanish.
    I used the .mo-file that came with it

    But I want using the other theme (drunkey-love)
    Could it be that its .mo-file is damage?

    I have both .po-files. I opened them in poEdit and I saw that the drunkey-love po-file has the translations, but the other (giraffe theme)doesn’t have any.

    I think it is something wrong with that first theme I downloaded, I’ve downloaded 3 more and they all have worked.
    I really appreciate your help

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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