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  • I’ve tried the following code (as shown on plugin page) to manually position buttons.

    However nothing is output using any option ?

    Social Sharing Buttons with Counters – <?php laecho_wp_filter_content_widget(); ?>

    Social Sharing Buttons without Counters – <?php laecho_wp_filter_content(); ?>

    Social Sharing Icons – <?php laecho_wp_filter_buttons_icons(); ?>

    Is manual placement possible ?
    Social Sharing Icon – <?php laecho_wp_filter_buttons_icon(); ?>

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  • Yes, manual positioning works. Hope you are putting code in the right place.
    Anyway, for Manually positioning the Social Sharing Buttons in your blog, place the given code in the index.php file or any other file as you see appropriate in themes folder (…\wordpress\wp-content\themes). Note: if you are using ‘default’ theme for the WordPress plugin, then place the code in ‘single.php’.

    After placing the code you have to follow these steps.
    A.Load the admin page for the plugin “Social Discussions”located under – Admin Console > Settings > Social Discussions.

    B.Expand the section for “Social Buttons”.

    C.Under “Select Style”, select the appropriate style for which you got the code from above. Style 1 is – Social Sharing Buttons with Counters, Style 2 is – Social Sharing Buttons without Counters, Style 3 is – Social Sharing Icons, and Style 4 is – Social Sharing Icon.

    D.Check the box under the “Show/Hide this Style” and submit by clicking on “Save Changes”.


    I’m running the plugin globally using automatic positioning which is fine.

    However, I’m looking to load the plugin manually on a single page.

    So what I’ve done is create a shortcode that calls something like;

    <?php laecho_wp_filter_content_widget(); ?>

    Within the page content (specific location) of where I wnat the share icons to show.

    However nothing is echo out ?

    I was then forced to install Digg Digg and did the same thing and it worked ?

    So, after installing Digg Digg is everything working fine for you?

    Digg Digg manual replacement is working. However I’m now having to use both plugins when I only really need one. Social Discussions ?

    Like I said, manual placement with Digg Digg work, so it should work in Social Discussion, however it does not.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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