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  • Migration from pMachine, as I understand can only be supported via RSS import. This is not working for me because:
    – the default RSS feed from pMachine does not include the “more” text
    – My pMachine site, which is in traditional Chinese is currently ANSI and BIG-5 encoded

    I am trying to export the backend DB itself. Please advise if the following make any sense:
    1) In the pMachine DB, create the wp_posts table (same structure as per word-press)
    2) INSERT INTO wp_posts(post_content, post_date,……) SELECT (concat(body,more), concat(year,’-‘,month,’-‘,day, ‘ 00:00:00’)….) /*and also hard-wire the comment,ping, etc. status.
    (This would give me a table with content that is BIG-5 encoded)
    3) Export the table with phpMyAdmin. This may give me SQL that is BIG-5 encoded still
    4) Copy the SQL from 3 exported into an HTML file, open it with Internet Explorer and change the encoding to BIG-5
    5) Copy the SQL with Chinese text and insert into target wp_posts table
    6) Run some SQL to Update the GUID/URL base on the post_id

    Another problem, whilst migration is taking place, I have wordpress installed in a /public_html/mysite/migration directory. It appears that in wp_posts, the GUID is a URL with the “migration” directory in it. seems to suggest that when I move wordpress, I just need to update the wordpress and blog URIs on the admin panel? Would this automatically update the wp_posts.GUID field?

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  • 請問您的方案已經完成試驗可行嗎?

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