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  • I’ve been having trouble doing a manual install of wordpress with a godaddy shared hosting account. I have a wordpress installation in the root directory as well as other wordpress installations in sub directories under the root.

    When using godaddy quick install for wordpress it creates a directory for you for the domain name you select. This is the part that is confusing to me for the manual installation. I tried creating a new directory and using ftp to send the wordpress files up but going to wp-admin/install.php resulted in an internal server error.

    What step am I missing as far as where to ftp the wordpress files? Since they are not going to be in the root, is it correct to create a new directory and ftp wordpress files into it? Does it matter what the directory is called? I’m confused by what would connect this newly created directory to my add on domain.

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  • I’ve used the GoDaddy auto WordPress install app to set up multiple WordPress websites with subdomains. If you’re having problems manually installing WordPress, try the auto install option.

    Another thought. You might just need to map your domain to the correct folder.

    Log in to GoDaddy and launch web hosting (the place where you see all the apps).

    On the right side under Account Snapshot, you’ll see a Hosted Domains section. Click that and it will take you to a page where you can associate a domain with a given folder on your server.

    Hopefully one of those two will solve your problem.

    Hey all, I’m having similar problems. TBH, I’m not really sure what/how to upload the SQL file, although I did manage to host a site back in the fall somehow:/

    Anyway, essentially I have a WordPress site built locally, using Web Matrix. Now trying to upload to my host. I uploaded all the files, folders etc, to no avail. Does my SQL file/program download with the install kit? Or is this something different.

    Tried doing the GoDaddy quick install app, then overriding the files with mine by uploaded later to replace them. That didn’t seem to work. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    No, the SQL database management program isn’t part of the WordPress installation. It is managed separately, usually via an admin panel on your hosting provider’s website.

    Try reinstalling WordPress using the quick app. Before you overwrite the files, write down your database username and password from the wp-config.php file located at the root of the WordPress installation.

    Next, you’ll need to log-in to GoDaddy’s database manager and import your SQL file. To do that:
    – Log into your GoDaddy hosting account
    – Under account snapshot, click Databases
    – For the correct database (verify with URL of site), click the phpMyAdmin button
    – Login to database manager
    – Select the database that you want to import into on the left side of the page
    – Click the Import tab at the top
    – Import your SQL text file.

    As for your site’s files, if FTP doesn’t work for you, I’d try using WordPress’s Export and Import capability to pull in the pages and posts.

    Hope this points you in the right direction to get your website up and running! Happy blogging!

    Thanks Austin. I am able to follow your directions. However, what is teh SQL Text file I’m supposed to be importing? I can’t see, to find that on my computer.

    Oh, I’m sorry. I thought you already had an SQL file of your database. I misread your post.

    Have you tried exporting your local WordPress and importing it into your online website? You can use WordPress’s built in Export and Import capability. Try this article and see if that works for you.

    Will this import the theme tho? I thought this just produces an XML file of my posts & pages with the generic WordPress look. Looking to keep my customized theme I purchased & have showing locally on my PC.

    If you upload the contents of your /wp-content/ folder to your online site, that will bring your theme with it.

    The link mentions at what step to copy the folder. Check it out and give it a try 🙂

    i am also migrating to godaddy, i am having issues, with php files,
    what i have done so far wp files from old server
    2. download wp, sql from old server
    3. installed the same version of wp to go daddy server
    4.overwrite wp_catlogue
    5.php admin, drop old sql
    6. upload sql
    7. edit php files(where i am now) getting errors
    8,migration complete i believe

    Thanks for your help Austin. I realized my problem, I needed to match the DB USER NAME & DB PASSWORD on my WP-Config file to match the generic one Godaddy gave me by default. Then I could login to the .com/wp-admin address & panel.

    TBH going forward I think I’ll build on the live site, rather than local to live. Seems more fluid & less quirks.

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