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  • Mantra currently forces a certain width/height ratio for the header image, which is the total width of the theme VS the header height, which can be set in the theme’s Layout settings.

    If a user attempts to upload a logo, which is exactly the height of the header but of much smaller width e.g. 300px instead of e.g. 1050px, through the “Header” section of “Appearance” menu Mantra will NOT let him use that image in its full height, but FORCE the aforementioned ratio.
    To this effect, he will only be able to chose a small strip of the logo image, instead of displaying it as is.

    There is no such option as “don’t crop and publish” – as happens with other themes – but cropping that image to that ratio is made compulsory.

    So using a logo with Mantra is impossible, unless one is willing to resort to questionable measures, like creating a full width image (e.g. 1050px) that is transparent and placing his logo on top of it.
    So the logo will show at its full dimensions, but the header image will be of many more tens of KBs.

    There must be a way out of this strange rule, which is so contradicting the otherwise plentiful and generous customization options of Mantra.

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  • This is a WP 3.5 issue, not a Mantra issue. However, the fix will be theme dependent.

    I don’t know the Mantra fix yet but search google with something like:
    wordpress 3.5 header skip crop

    and you’ll see this is a wider issue. I’m looking — need a fix in Mantra!

    This may be more of a Mantra issue afterall. See

    Thank you for your answer.

    Yes I positively remember having this issue with WP 3.4.2 too. I hope a solution will be provided.
    As I said before this is just not on par with the high level of user-friendly customization that Mantra allows.
    This may be perceived more as a bug than feature-deficit by end users. For once I initially thought so and I was close to moving to another theme, but the high and readily available versatility kept me with Mantra

    I didn’t have this problem at all with WP 3.4.2. The reason is because at that version, WP had a ‘skip crop and publish’ button available on uploading the header image. I then tested and found I had the problem with 3.5, regardless of whether i was using Mantra,, or twenty-eleven for that matter.

    Regardless, I think I’ve worked around this adequately for now, simply by making the header the dimension specified by the theme. (With Mantra we specify our own header height.) So, for example, i was using a 400×120 px logo and I remade it as 1100×120 with clear background. It uploads fine.

    I’ve done the same thing (inserted the logo on a transparent image as wide as the template). Looks the same but not excited about the whole header area being linked though.

    The problem then is the added KBs of image data…my logo is around 8KB, the header image is around 50KB (minified)…
    I’m at a point where the whole page weight is under 200KB and -cached- paged load time is (just under) 1sec and I don’t want to add 50KB for the logo alone…

    It’s the best alternative if you absolutely need the logo…I really prefer to use it, but not at the cost of the overhead, so for now I a going “brazilian” on the site header (using site name and description instead, with a font that looks nice)

    Will be nice to get that flexible width header thing…

    I retract my statement wrt good work-around. I previously had my header scooched up (top-margin -25px) so that the top-menu would appear on top of the header (z-index), instead of taking up room at the top of the page. With the new 1100px wide header, I’m still fighting css trying to get z-index correct. Grrrr

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