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  • unbelieveble, see alot of youg guys and girls who managed to edit there site, im trying to custom my site with a banner, background, links etc and i read about 20 forumpages now but can’t seem to understand how everything works, is there a post wich describes this in detail how to custom your log??
    My site is i want to use the background i have there to start with.

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  • For one thing, that page or link you provide, loads slow as heck. =( So, in my opinion, I wouldn’t even use the “same” background image on your blog…or if you do, make it a JPG image rather then whatever you’re using there. Oh wait, you’re using TONS of Javascript or something.. …mmm. Anyway, I wouldn’t even try and attempt to use it on the Blog really, because it will slow your blog’s page time ALOT.

    Inregards to where to add this stuff, you’d have to start with either the theme’s css file and or page files for the header. Access these via the blog’s control panel, Presentation => Theme Editor. Hope this helps a little bit or something lmaO!


    P.S. I wasn’t sure off hand what you were talking about, or using for the background and what not, because I pretty much gave up on waiting for the page to load LOL! I mean Jesus! 10 minutes later and still was loading…fluck! I know I have enough beer for the night to cover my wait, but I’m not going to wait that dang long lmaO!

    ElectraWoman – Playing Anarchy Online. says:
    the background’s pretty big
    ElectraWoman – Playing Anarchy Online. says:

    Also, maybe try lower the background image down a bit. LOL!

    Firstly, the background loaded for me pretty instantly but for people with low bandwidth 175k is a little much. Is there a way you could just chop off the bottom half of it that’s Black? as I see it merges with the page anyway.

    Secondly… try the documentation links up the top of this site. They have some useful starting points and from there you will find what you need to know easier :o)


    loaded a bit slow for me too, and i’m on a fast connection

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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