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    I’d like to swap the location of the tagline with the pages bar in the header of my site so that the tagline appears under my title and above the pages bar. I’ve tried editing the code to no avail. Any help is much appreciated, I realize this might be a bit complicated. Thanks

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  • What have your tried? It looks pretty straightforward: in the header.php file, try moving these lines of code:

    <div id="siteDescription">
        <?php  bloginfo('description'); ?>

    to just above this line:

    <div id="mainNav">

    You might then need to tweak the CSS code so the spacing is okay.

    BUT, before you do that (or make any other changes) do you have custom CSS? If not, you really need to make a Child Theme — so that your changes are not lost when the theme is updated.

    BTW, your site is very nice…

    Thanks for the kind words and for the help! I’m a complete newb to wordpress and all things website design.

    I use chrome and used the right click “inspect element” option on my site to view the code, then tried to rearrange corresponding code from my wordpress dashboard’s Appearance -> Editor -> Header page. So that is what didn’t work.

    Since you cautioned me with things to do before attempting to edit my site I’ll address those prior to attempting the manipulation you suggested.

    Custom CSS- If you mean the thing you pay 30 bucks a year for then no, I do not have this. I have been messing with the code to change minor details using the dashboard as described above. Is this an issue?

    Child theme- I’m not exactly sure what this is, but I think it is a way to ensure your theme’s automatic update does not destroy your custom modifications to the code??? If so, is there an easier way to ensure the same thing? I found a way to disable theme updates here , won’t that work fine?

    Custom CSS- If you mean the thing you pay 30 bucks a year

    Where is your site hosted? The only paid CSS upgrade is on WordPress.COM. These forums are for self-hosted WordPress.ORG sites – -but I think that’s what you have since on .COM sites, you can’t even edit the header.php file at all.

    Child themes — yes, that’s the purpose, but you don’t want to disable updates because sometimes they are security related and sooner or later updated themes won’t work with the current WordPress…. just not a good scenario. It’s really not very hard to do the Child Theme thing.

    Custom CSS is an option on some themes and there are some plug-ins that will also do it – -basically it creates a separate style.css file so that the regular one is not modified. But since you want to modify the header.php file, custom CSS isn’t sufficient anyway.

    Just let me know how you want to proceed.

    thanks WPyogi, I watched a few videos on custom CSS and decided to download mywebsiteadviser’s custom CSS plugin. I’m trying to figure it out now and think it might work. I know I cannot rearrange things per say, but I can probably create a design I like just with custom CSS. If not, the child theme idea sounds like a good one. thanks again for the ideas and clarification!

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