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  • Hi, we are using our Word Press blog as a mixture of posts and pages. I have some pages that need to be archived. I can archive posts, but can’t find a way to either archive or hide pages that have become outdated.

    Please help.


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  • There isn’t such “feature”.
    A Page cannot be ‘outdated’ since it is not part of the chronological stream of the entries.

    OK, so you can’t ‘archive’ pages.
    So what’s the best way to ‘archive’ a page or as it says above, ‘hide’ a page and include a link to the ‘hidden’ page from the current active page.
    For example:
    I have some regular Race Results that need to be updated every 2 weeks. These Race Results are updated on a ‘page’ not a post. So how do I archive these Race Results after the series of races have been run.
    There might be 10 races in the series that are updated after each race on the same page… after the series is over I would like to archive the race results and start a new series using the same page link.
    I am not a newby when it comes to WordPress but this has me stumped. Check out the website that I have made and customized so you know what I mean.
    Thanks in advance,

    If the material is going to be dated and archived on a regular basis, it should be a post, not a page. You could hard code a link to the post in the pages list.

    Or if your theme does not have a way to display subpages, you could make the page a subpage when you are ready to archive it, that way it won’t be displayed in the page list. Or there is a plug in to choose pages to not display in the pages list. But will you want people to be able to find it? Then these entries should be posts not pages.

    If you still want to use pages, and you don’t want people to find the archived pages, you could delete the page or write over the content.

    Thanks Kaethy, I thought this might be the case. I like your idea of making subpages. I don’t really want a huge list of subpages in the sidebar as I have many years of results, but you have given me an idea… I might just modify the css and make it a dropdown menu with the subpages hidden within the main link.
    Thanks for your help and handy hints.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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