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    Quick question, with, I hope, a quick answer –

    I cannot find the setting to get UM to show an asterisk by mandatory fields on a regsitration form; I’m sure it must be somewhere . . . someone please tell me where!


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  • Christian Clark



    You can use Custom CSS for this, right?

    Add a class that displays the asterisk for required fields. You can use it as a background image by referencing libraries such as font awesome?, or you can just upload your own asterisk to your web server, and reference from a custom css file.

    I’m not sure if what you’re asking for is naturally included within the plugin.

    Hi @christianmclark92

    Many thanks for taking the time to reply. Unfortunately my Custom CSS skills don’t extend as far as things like ‘Add a class that displays the asterisk for required fields’; I was assuming that the option was built-in because of the topic – I realise that was a couple of years ago, but wouldn’t have thought such a sensible option would have been removed. I’m assuming I just can’t find it.

    Thanks again

    Christian Clark



    So, the required functionality is working, but it is retroactively displayed. It will only trigger if the user attempts to register without filling out the required field properly.

    This should be sufficient, but if you’re set on getting an asterisk appear before hand, so that user doesn’t have to encounter a “oh you didn’t do this right” moment while filling out the form, then you can use custom CSS to define the background of the labels.

    The way this works.

    Step 1: Make your title & label for the input field, for this instance, mine is called “Username”. The meta key for this input is set as “user_login”.

    Step 2: I’ve also set this field as a “Required Field”.

    Seen here:

    Step 3: Because the asterisk isn’t being displayed initially, you can use CSS to call the name of meta key, and define a background image for it, (that image being your asterisk), and then use positioning to move it above the Title name for the input field.


    Read this article:
    Watch this video:
    (How to Background Postition)

    If your meta key is “user_login”, Your code will look something like: {
    background-image: url(‘’)
    background-repeat: no-repeat;
    background-position: 10px 5px;


    To be more blunt, you’re uploading a small png version of your asterisk to your wordpress website, then you’re writing into your global CSS file that if a class exists with a specific meta_key, then apply that asterisk.png to it as a background image.

    Thank you, @christianmclark92, for a very detailed and helpful reply. I shan’t have time to work through it properly until this evening (UK), but I’ll certainly give it a go.

    Meantime, can anyone from UM confirm that the option to display an asterisk has been removed? That “oh you didn’t do this right” moment is certainly something to be avoided, I would have thought.

    Hi again @christianmclark92

    Pasting your code into my Custom CSS has thrown up a couple of errors, which I’m sure are v minor, but which I’d better ask you to clarify. To avoid my confusing things further by trying to describe them, they’re at

    The only changes I’ve made have been to the um field name, and of course the url for the asterisk.

    Thanks again

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    Hi @petebm,

    Please go to the Ultimate member -> Settings -> Misc and check “Show an asterisk for required fields” checkbox.


    Oh good grief @ultimatemembersupport.

    I do apologise for wasting everyone’s time – how on earth could I have missed that? The very first setting!

    It does remind me of another support request I put in a few weeks back (, though, as the asterisks, being grey, don’t show up very well against a background colour.

    Is there any way to change the colour of either/both of those icons? Via Custom CSS, possibly?

    Thanks for the answer to my original question, though.

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    Hi @petebm,

    You can use this CSS:

       color: #f00 !important;




    Thank you @ultimatemembersupport, that’s perfect for the asterisks.

    I’ve repeated the same idea for .um-icon-help-circled, and that has improved the visibility of those help text icons.

    Many thanks – I’ll update the other thread in case anyone’s interested.

    PS – since I’m on a roll here, perhaps you could have a look at . . .

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